The reporting features that come with Geenio


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The reporting features that come with Geenio

Video Transcript

Speakers in this video: Jimmy (GetApp) and Max (Courselle)

Max: There are various ways you can observe the statistics in your page. That could be the site-wise statistics that includes all the stats across all the users, all groups and all courses, or that could be some individual course statistics that has various charts that show how well people progress through the course, what are they results, some summary results, and detailed results for every user. Also some detailed test statistics with digitalization on questions and specific user answers. The most important thing is this skew analysis. So remember I just demonstrated to you how to add tags to questions while creating the task. So, these tags are used for skew analyses. And here, you will see that let’s say Austin was able to answer most of the questions on Courseware, and Michael sees that he needs some additional trainings on that topic, so, and even further, you can dig into statistics for every particular person and see the competences analysis for every single person. So, this is how you can repurpose your materials to eliminate a knowledge gap for every specific person and every specific group.