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Paper based plans and goals are cumbersome to work with and frequently get buried in drawers or placed on shelves in 3-ring binders. This lack of ready-at-hand quality tends to generate a use-avoidance attitude, tantamount to trashing the system. GoalTrakTMEV is always available with just a click on the user's Web Browser. It is a repository for most things organizational in nature, from Vision to individual goals and their supporting documents.
GoalTrak(R)EV , the organization-wide Strategic Goals & Performance Management system is the quintessential tool for generating and managing your results!     www.goaltrak.com

GoalTrakTMEV will guide your organization through a collaborative goal setting process beginning with your long-term strategic goals. You are then prompted through the creation of a systematic cascading of supporting goals at all levels in your organization, all the way to the individual performer. These individual performance goals are systemically integrated with  the GoalTrakTMEV objective performance appraisal module without additional intervention by the user.

Once the GoalTrakTMEV System is loaded with your Vision, Mission, Strategy and Operational goals, one-click dashboards provide realtime goal status, up to the minute individual performance results on measurable criteria, secure internal Goalmail to enhance goal directed conversations and instant access to both goal and non-goal related organization documents along with context sensitive help and 'How To' guides. As a Web based "Software as a Service" application, everyone has access from everywhere. Results Management becomes a natural process with GoalTrakTMEV

Ensure that your people will "stay the course" when the unexpected occurs. Uncover information that allows you to make faster decisions when goals need to be adjusted. Communicate directly with each goal owner through Goal Annotations. Protect Board Level confidentiality through our exclusive Executive Level goal


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Key features of GoalTrakEV

  • Web based, anytime, anywhere access
  • Mobile deveice access
  • real-time dashbords
  • 10 second actual performance updates
  • Objective preformance appraisals
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GoalTrakTMEV is the one tool you must have! GoalTrakTMEV is a no nonsense tool, designed to do four critical things for your organization:

1- Assist in the creation of a collaborative organization-wide system of goals that are driven by your Vision, Mission and Strategy.
2- Provide easy access to realtime results at all levels of your organization at any time, from any place with an internet connection.
3- Make Objective Performance Appraisals a treat instead of a treatment, for all concerned, because they are based on up-front agreements.
4- Ensure that Results Management occurs as an integral part of your Organization Management Process.

Hard dollars – based on meeting prep, duration, outcomes – manager meetings and one-on-ones. 47% annualized after using for 18months with 12 management users.

Reduced errors
Quicker decisions, based on real-time data
productive performance appraisals
Everyone knows what's happening
Improved productivity (up to 50%)