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Online employee and volunteer scheduling

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GoAssign overview

What is GoAssign?

GoAssign is an easy to use system for scheduling (or rostering) your employees or volunteers.

Easy to use, easy to learn - GoAssign has been designed from the ground up to be easy to use. You're people will be up an running with minimal-to-nil training.

Employee unavailability - Always know when your people are available by getting them to enter their unavailabilities into GoAssign. We have made it enjoyable for your people to use by providing an easy to use drag-to-select interface which will allow them to enter their unavailability in seconds.

See conflicts while scheduling - Never double schedule someone or schedule them when they are unavailable. Before you select them you will be able to see any conflicts or if they are unavailable.

Copy & paste - Do you schedule on a weekly, bi-weekly, and so on basis? Save re-scheduling each time by utilizing our copy and paste feature which will allow you to copy last round, modify it slightly and publish in no time!

Dashboard gives a quick overview - Our dashboard has been designed to allow you to login and immediately see if anything is amiss.

Email or SMS notifications & reminders - Whenever anything is changed in GoAssign a notification is sent to the people involved. These notifications can be sent via email or SMS.

Inbox for all your requests - Your people can't say they never got the request because they will all be in one place their inbox.

Customizable terminology - Do you call shifts; jobs, tasks, events or so forth? Do you call teams; groups, divisions, departments or so forth? No to worry, GoAssign allows you to adjust the terminology to your needs.

View on your phone/PC calendar - Save having to log in and get your schedules directly to your phone or PC calendar.

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30 day free trial on all paid plans.

Employee pricing:

Free - Up to 5 people
$9USD - Up to 10 people
$19USD - Up to 20 people
$39USD - Up to 50 people
$69USD - Up to 100 people
$99USD - Unlimited people

Volunteer pricing:

Free - Up to 15 people
$19USD - Up to 50 people
$29USD - Up to 100 people
$39USD - Up to 200 people
$49USD - Unlimited people

GoAssign features


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Additional information for GoAssign

Key features of GoAssign

  • Easy to use, easy to learn
  • Know their unavailability
  • See conflicts while scheduling
  • Copy & paste
  • Dashboard gives a quick overview
  • Email or SMS notifications & reminders
  • Inbox for all your requests
  • Customizable terminology
  • View on your phone/PC calendar
  • Importing and much more!
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Save time & money - Put an end to painfully drawing up schedules in Excel. Put the headaches of sharing and maintaining these documents behind you and step into the future that is GoAssign.
GoAssign enables you to easily create your schedules online, wherever you are, and with lots of features to help you get them done quickly.

Improve communication - Do you employees still travel into work to check their schedules? Place their schedule at their fingertips by storing them on GoAssign.
Eliminate no-shows with GoAssign by taking advantage of our reminder system that will notify them via email or SMS.

Be better informed - GoAssign allows your employees to quickly and easily provide their unavailability. Coupled with the ability to also see conflicts, you'll be able to better create your schedules and eliminate double-ups or scheduling people when they are on leave.