Halogen Tutorials - Establishing development plans

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Halogen Tutorials - Establishing development plans

Video Transcript

Speakers in this video: Jimmy (GetApp) and Ken (Saba TalentSpace)

Ken: I have an area around development plans. These could be as simple or complex as you need. For instance, if I might need more interaction with a particular competency I can certainly add it to here. You’ll see that I have four different tabs here. One starts specifically around the development plans themselves could very much be competency based. So I have a competency I’m responsible for a manger of change management and I want to be able to have a development plan so I can better the performance towards that competency. Similar to where we saw in goals, I have a very similar, simple interface that allows me to go in and add notes, put areas in where I can add and link learning activities and development activities towards this particular development plan to better that competency. Because that mapping if there to that competency model I certainly can report against all these again as well as to see how effective development plans are to certain competencies.

As an HR representative if I have other managers in my organization that I see that may need help around a competency around change management, I’ll know the effective development plans that have been helpful in motivating others in order to try to better that competency. We also see any learning activities. Again very simple, any learning both classroom, face to face, on the job learning, eLearning as well. All of these that have been assigned to me I have truly at one list. I can come in and see any of the learning that I’ve done or about to do. The learning here that I see that I’ve completed or enrolled to I can certainly change that view to see what’s important to me.

I also have from all that learning activity the transcripts. So if any score that I’ve had pass fail capabilities I basically have as an employee my transit of any intricate education that I’ve had for my livelihood of that organization including certifications. These certifications may be formal that be related to our job. They could very well be job progressions. So you may have certifications in order to get to the next role of an organization. It might be as simple as just first aid achievement. Halogen does a very good job of monitoring the expirations of the certifications and it keeps the engagement of the individuals when it’s time to recertify them in these particular topics and again measures those along the way as well.