Halogen Tutorials - Job specific competencies, goal setting & feedback

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Halogen Tutorials - Job specific competencies, goal setting & feedback

Video Transcript

Speakers in this video: Jimmy (GetApp) and Ken (Saba TalentSpace)

Ken: We have many ways to present information. You’ll notice here before we talked about very simple – We had some exceptional meets, doesn’t meets. Maybe we have items where it’s just ‘Hey yes or no?’ Integrity’s a great example of that. Hey do you have integrity or not have integrity?

Even though we can have different scale items – for instance this is a two response before we had a five answer response – I can also tie responses to behavior. Sometimes managers need help to understand ‘What does excellent mean?’ or ‘what does exceed expectations mean?’ We can absolutely define that so that we can know when a manager selects at times or somebody exceeds the expectations all the time, specifically about removing obstacles. We have areas here where we can define information more in a grid style, so again being able to put down a dropdown comment scoring, completely customizable as you need.

We can get a quick look at being able to say where we are specifically around the job specific competencies that somebody’s aligned to and how well they’re performing in those. Again, completely optional is what we need. We could use this opportunity if we need too to align goals for the upcoming year. We could do this obviously in its own separate process. But the idea of taking this time now since I’m already meeting with Aileen we could talk about a goal setting process. We talked earlier about how we can align these goals to the structure of the organization. It’s simple.

Jimmy I click one note and I’m actually brought into a library of the upcoming goals for our case. Maybe I’m looking at the goals that are responsible for the upcoming year and I absolutely can go in and say “You know what? Of the goals here I need Aileen to be tied to this recruiting two tier one subject matter experts within this” I could use the whole goal and name it exactly as there or I can simply link it there and give the names that are appropriate to the individual, so engage to – forgive my typing here … to users whatever. We can put in. We could put our description in here. We can absolutely put the milestones. So to be successful we know how to knock this out by x amount of things and will be judged by this. Same thing around measurement, make it something so that we can absolutely measure and we understand if we’ve succeeded or not, same idea of around adding feedback to that as well if it’s going to move forward. Just scrolling down as well we could add additional development plans here as well and really give it an area for comments, really allow people to explore this information as needed.

Halogen is really a performance center. It’s an area where data’s there around people’s performance again to the achievement of the organization. So when I say that is we don’t think of Halogen as your – and I’ve got my thumb quotes here – system of truth. Every organization has an HRIS or a payroll system that they use as new individuals are brought into the company they have this data here that is really tied to their system of truth. What’s my employee number? What’s my email address? All that stuff specifically for that.

We have an automation and an immigration directly to all of those systems to be able to take the data that you have and use a data movement. We put Hale users inside a Halogen so Halogen knows about all the users in the system and they’d be able to measure that. So as a system a new user’s brought into your organization. Or let’s assume that somebody moves on and leaves the organization, that information is shared back to our integration piece and so Halogen knows about that movement employs and we certainly measure that.

The interesting thing is, even if an individual decides to leave the organization – and I mean we’ve had 10 years of performance data – we won’t delete that data. You’ll still have that as a system of record if you will. We’ll just archive that individual so you don’t lose the data just because they left the organization. It’s certainly available and all that data is certainly there for an individual. But the automation between those systems is completely handled through that integration system.