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Halogen Tutorials - Performance review forms

Video Transcript

Speakers in this video: Jimmy (GetApp) and Ken (Saba TalentSpace)

Ken: As this manager Bob Keith let’s take this idea now that we’re at a point where I have to do a formal appraisal so let’s go in and talk about what happens at the end of the year when everyone dreads I have to go down and write twenty add reviews for my organization release for my team and see how well they’ve done. The system is going to manage that. It’s going to absolutely manage. It’s going to manage the workflow. In case here you can see that I’m just looking right now that workflow is defined by you so whatever is important to you, in our case we’re having a self-appraisal. Then maybe we have some peer evaluators as well. So the individual can send out to some of her friends or some of her colleagues to be able to give some input on how well she’s performed over the year.

Management might also want to send out some of those different group of people to their peer review as well. We’ll take a look and see what that looks like in this particular process I have opened up. The manager needs to write the appraisal. Maybe there is some third party feedback. Maybe there is some approval along the way. We’ll do a meeting and of course we’ll do some signoffs at the end so both the employ management will signed off. And this will absolutely perform a lockdown formal document that’s timestamped and individually signed by the individual and is a part of their employment record.

Let me show you what that may look like. You can see here that I’ve got again – I’m right at that part where a manager needs to write those appraisals. I’ve got nine left to do. You can see that I’ve got a team of 16. I’ve already killed out six. I got nine more to do. I can click in there and start picking out my team. I’ve got about 20 minutes free today. Let’s go in and start doing some information here on Aileen Beets again because we just introduced her.

It’s electronic now. It’s no longer just a paper form that needs to be emailed to the next individual. The system is going to handle the routing of these documents. It’s going to keep it. It’s going to customize and standardize those documents across the way as well. I’m looking at a document now that - think of it as a white screen to start with. You’ll be able to come in and put in all the information that you need. I’ve got quite a few things in here but it really just talks to the customization of what these forms can be. You’re really at the mercy of what your culture is be able to put in these documents and be able to go. Let me just take you Jimmy a little bit of a ride here.

On the left hand side here I get a form navigator. It literally takes me to any area in the form without me having to scroll through to figure out where things are. So if I needed to go to job specific competencies it would certainly take me there. If I needed to see what the overall score for the individual it will simply take me there.

It’s simply just a little navigator through the forms. I can hide or collapse that navigator. I can certainly print this form at any time. I can safe it to pdf and share to individuals if needed. It has a built in spell check and a built in language checker.

HR spends a fair bit of time going through and rereading the documents to make sure people are correct in their language. They want to make sure that all the offensive language is brought out of that and this is going to do that when people are putting in this document. So as people are entering information the system will monitor to say, “Hey Jimmy did a pretty good job here”. It’s going to take the word ‘pretty’ and say “Hey is this out of place in this document or does it make sense here?” They’ll give you some terms around that. In fact, if I do a quick search on this I think it will take a look at documents that I have. Great the idea of old so it will say the old results here should be looked at and taken into account.

Now that comment ‘old’ out of context here could be somewhat negative. We want to make sure that we can flag that along the way and give the individuals a change to put the right terms in if needed. This one actually is not offensive as it’s talking about outdated results so we’ll leave that in.