Halogen Tutorials - Quick look into the interface

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Halogen Tutorials - Quick look into the interface

Video Transcript

Speakers in this video: Jimmy (GetApp) and Ken (Saba TalentSpace)

Ken: Let’s start that Jimmy. How about if I just reach over into here and I’ll show you the interface. I’ve signed in right now into the Halogen talents based. And really what we’re looking at is a hosted application that a company can sign into that has complete access to their overall performance. Before we get into things let me just take you on a brief tour to get grounded in what we’re looking at.

I see this basically in four separate areas. At first I have a very persistent toolbar. And what I mean by persistent is no matter where I am in the application I’m always able to get into this toolbar when I need to and it’s specifically setup to handle certain areas around performance. We’ll be taking a look through many things along this along the way. Second is I’ll just speak about this general area here. The largest area on the screen has to do with my tasks or what I’m here to do. So as I mentioned earlier as users are brought to our system it’s typically by an email notification. I get an email saying “Hey it’s time to come in and start at my yearly performance review” or “I have a task to do about a goal being overdue”. I may have a development plans or learning opportunities that are part of my scheduled upcoming time that needs to be addressed. This area here will automatically tell me what I need to do at any given time.

At the bottom I have additional resources. It allows me to click into any area, not necessarily inside of Halogen but other areas where other information may be needed, for instance maybe possible information on internets. Some training that may be available for end users to be a part of this as well.

And lastly, Halogen knows who’s logged in so … logging into the system and that could very simply be a prompted mechanism. We certainly employ single sign on if that is something that’s engaged in your enterprise but it knows who I am. It knows my level. It has my picture. It knows who my direct manager is as well as my HR representative.

The system is role based depending on who I log in. I’ve logged into beautiful Bob Keith here. He’s the manager. He’s responsible for a team of employees. In fact, Bob’s actually a second level manager so think of him as a director of sorts. He has teams of other teams below him. We’ll take a look at that structure shortly. We also will know who his manager is as well as trying to understand what my overall profile and the profile here is a talent profile. We’re going to take a look at that as well. But I just wanted to pause for a second to give you that brief understanding of what that UI is. With that in mind, let’s go ahead and take a look at some of the areas within here. We talked about this being a tool to win with talent so let’s start with my overall performance. When I click into that tab I get a submenu of different items. I’m going to call this my Talent Card. It’s really about all the activities that I personally have a responsibility to help my company succeed.