Halogen Tutorials - Review forms, goals & core competencies

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Halogen Tutorials - Review forms, goals & core competencies

Video Transcript

Speakers in this video: Jimmy (GetApp) and Ken (Saba TalentSpace)

Ken: Lastly, and again of all my time here at Halogen, my favorite feature of all time. This idea around a split screen what it allows me to do – and I’ll scroll up the top of this document again – It allows me to have instant access to any of that talent information for the employee including their self-appraisal, that profile information, their goals, their development. All the meeting notes that we’ve had over the year are at my fingertips. If I just simply click this I get all those meeting notes as a discovery information. I have an entire history of engagement for that individual at my fingertips where I can take that information, drill down on it here and use that to help understand or help evaluate Aileen when I’m writing down her performance document. That will come in handy in a second as we engage down.

We also can save the document. I can manage the multi-rater. My multi-rater is that peer assessment. So when I wanted to get five of Aileen’s friends in to talk about how well she’s down I can be somewhat subjective when I’m managing this. I can talk about ‘What are the conversations that I’d like you to tell me about?’ “So hey Jimmy how did Aileen do? And talk to me about her teamwork, her change management building her organizational commitment”, any other kind of job related activities that are related to her role. And we can simply say, “Let’s include those”.

Now, here is the list of who this is going out to. As a manager I can somewhat control if I want who this is going out to. For instance, Aileen is set out in – I’ve already deployed this so these have already went out and we’ve got responses from. But before I deploy this, if I know that Aileen’s got Diane and David and these are her best buddies, they may not give the most subjective feedback on Aileen. I can take them out of this multi-rater and maybe put in individuals that I know that could be far more objective in their understanding of Aileen’s behaviors and add them to those lists as well.

I have some control about ‘who’ we’re going to engage and try to understand -specifically around feedback and how we can engage that discussion. I’ll talk a little bit about those results in a second. I can also send this to review.

Again this is a great function where if you will hijack that formal structure and work path that we have. Let’s assume that Aileen’s only been working with me for the last four months out of this last year and our previous manager has some great insights even though she’s not part of that organizational chain anymore for Aileen. I can still send this out to that previous manager and get her thoughts and have it annotated in the form just to make sure that I’m on track to giving Aileen the best feedback I can at the end of the year and certainly my complete will literally take it to the next step of workflow. So if this needs to go to my manager as far as an approval concept it literally goes and an email goes to my manager. They’ll come in here to be able to do a review of this and then we can take that into the next step.

Let’s talk a little bit of some of the topics that are in here, certainly I get to see an overall appraisal score. Again highly customizable, if you like scores, great we can put them in. if you don’t like scores we won’t put them up. However we could still report and get scores in the backend. So even though we don’t include any scores on the overall form itself we still have a great pulse of the organization, how people are behaving towards competency based models within the organization.

We get to see active certification, what’s expired, what are still valid. All that information is pulled automatically from the system. You can certainly add areas around your mission statement. Tie things towards your job description as well. So there’s again personal accountability. I know that my job description tells me that I have to have ABC as far as job objectives. Well let’s evaluate myself on those objects and make sure I’m doing exactly what my job description says I am.

We chatted a little bit earlier Jimmy around goals and quite frankly our form will pull all that data that we talked about over goals directly out here. The manager doesn’t have to go back and say, “Oh gees what did Aileen do around our goals?” The system will bring those into the form including any notes that we’ve had over those times and talk about “Hey are you doing a good job towards those achievements or not?” Again the idea around having rating, certainly we can have those available and again scoring automatically based on ratings that you need for the individual can all be applied if needed.

Managers have the tools now at their fingertips to come in and very quickly give a thoughtful review of what’s going on over time. So Bob could come in here and certainly add comments as needed here and be able to talk about the progression over all the different goals that are gone throw. I talked about managers having these tools. Let me talk about a few other tools that we can show in a particular form.

When we’re taking a look at a competency called ‘Teamwork’ for instance, you can see that Aileen scored herself as a five, five out of five. She thinks she’s doing a pretty amazing job. In fact, it even shows here on the form what her self-comments were. “Hey I think that I possess awesome skills here that I could work with fellow employees to really kill these team goals that I’ve got. She listens to feedback and she’s contributing really well at tasks at hand.

Now interestingly enough I had already come in here and I think that – My first feel of this really thinks that I think she’s not really a five out of five. In fact, I think she might be a little bit below expectations on this particular competency. The idea about getting feedback from their peers and other individuals really allows me to see what they’re thinking about this. For instance, if I take a look at the comments that have come in back of that peer to peer group, I can see all the results. Again, I’m taking a look at teamwork right now and judging teamwork. I’ll explain what I’m looking at right now. It says basically every one of these different groups that I send information out to get some peer feedback on Aileen has returned some information. So of these I might have sent out 20 of these things, nine of them actually came back to me. Overall everyone’s put Aileen in a 2.9 so not everyone thinks she’s a rock star. Some thinks she’s a little bit closer to the middle of the road if you will.

I get to see that Aileen set up. She gave herself a five out of five. We already saw that earlier that we saw that score. Her peer group though – people that work with her everyday – on average gave her a 1.8. You can see here about this little black line that’s there. Her lowest score was a one. Her highest score was a two and the bar collapses there at what that midpoint is. Other managers that have worked with her have slightly higher scores. She has a direct report as well put her at a four.

The overall goal here is everyone brought her into a 2.9 and I had her in at about a two as well. So far I’m not too far off. Interestingly enough, it’s all the comments that are also available to me as well. So if somebody wanted to document some comments here I could certainly see that, these comments as well completely anonymous. I myself do not know which one of these has come from her. I can break them down by peer groups or from other managers but I don’t know who from her peer group is giving that. We can make this anonymous or we can make it so it’s attributed so we can understand who that feedback is if it’s important9 for you as well.

The data that’s here is very simple. I could take any of the comments that are here, simply grab them and bring them in as part of my comments if I wanted to. I could actually have it automatically show up on my form as well.