Halogen Tutorials - Setting organizational goals

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Halogen Tutorials - Setting organizational goals

Video Transcript

Speakers in this video: Jimmy (GetApp) and Ken (Saba TalentSpace)

Ken: I have an area here that defaulted down to my goals. These are the goals that have either been assigned by me through my management team. They could very well be personal goals. They may be objective as I need to address in order to have a payout or again certain responsibilities that need to be understood. All these goals are highly interactive. What I say by that is if I click into any of them I can be able to talk about my statuses in them. You can see that it has particular start date. It has an end date, a due date, completion date as well. I can even have it send me other reminders. If I know that this is simply a goal that I might only touch once a month I can give me little reminders along the way that say “Hey it’s coming up to be due why don’t we go in here and engage this particular activity.”

I talked about status before. I can certainly put some goals on hold if maybe priorities change within the organization. I also have access to what I think is that completeness of this goal including any kind of flags that may show it being either on target or at risk. I also have this area around notifications or notes that I can put in. It’s really a dialogue between me and my supervisors to let them know that what is going on, any kind of obstacles that are there really trying to mitigate the risks of these particular goals specifically around completion.

I wanted to point out as well. You can see that I have this nice little icon here that says this particular goal is linked to a goal called ‘Foods and Revenues’. So as you can see I have a goal here of revenue of 50 thousand dollars and I have no subscription based on that as well. That goal is actually tied to an organizational goal. When I click into this it really allows me to have visibility into where my successes are going to absolutely impact the company success. So this goal here of annual revenue of 50 thousand dollars roles into a foods revenue of six million which roles into a larger central region target 50 million which automatically roles into an organizational goal over hundred million dollars.

Anyone of these goals can have accountability here. Anyone of these goals could be tied to that over goal. Each one of these goals has accountability as well as a person accountable for those goals. When I say that, they have reporting into the system to see how everyone is working towards the succession of their goals that will impact these larger organizational goals.