Halogen Tutorials - What is Halogen software?

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Halogen Tutorials - What is Halogen software?

Video Transcript

Speakers in this video: Jimmy (GetApp) and Ken (Saba TalentSpace)

Jimmy: Hey and welcome back to another series of GetApp tutorials. Today I’m joined by Mr. Ken Sealy who is a senior product specialist over at Halogen software. Ken how are you doing?

Ken: Hey doing fantastic. How are you today?

Jimmy: I’m going great. I have a lot of questions about Halogen. I guess the first one is: What’s the easiest way for you to help me understand what Halogen does for a company? What does it do?

Ken: Great question Jimmy and you know what I’ll tell you this as simply as I can. Here at Halogen really what we do is we help our customers win with talent. I’ll just take a step back. As everyone knows in the company typically people obviously matter the most and it’s really your biggest expense and also your biggest competitive differentiator. So with that said what we do is we provide our customers really to make a next generation performance is really part of their unique business rhythm and when I’m saying that it’s really the heart of their talent strategy. So what we offer is talents based. It’s a platform that really has everything your customers need to win and when I say that they’ve got a complete suite of highly configurable cloud apps.

We have built in expert resources in all the content that one needs around that. We have really the most unparalleled services, truly the best in the industry and we have a massive community quite vibrant near interaction.

Jimmy: What’s the typical role within a company that would be logging in and using Halogen as the administrator?

Ken: We do have it. It’s a role based system. So if we really think of this as three different pieces we have an administrative role where we can come in, tailor the application itself and when I’m saying that is set up the administrative application. But the bulk of the users that are going to come into the application are truly just everyday people that are coming in and measuring really helping and monitoring their own performance pieces. When I say that their goals, any development activities that are going on, recording feedback for themselves as well as other peers in the organization and of course managers and all supervisors are going to be able to look into and have the pulse of their individual teams and understanding where they are as far as their performance record in the organization.

Jimmy: Okay so this is a product and please if I’m wrong correct me. Is this a product that maybe HR is going to be primarily using and maybe as well department of managers to keep tabs on employees and on their talent? Is that the role?

Ken: It’s good Jimmy yes. This is an application that’s owned by HR so IT is really not even needed within the application. HR runs it and HR is in control. They set up exactly what needs to me monitored. When I say monitored the view so yearly review document signoffs, really understanding that the processes that are important in the organization and at the pulse that they need so that the timeliness that they need. They’re in control of all that. And through a notification the individuals within the organization both at the supervisor level and the end user level will get emails to be able to be engaged in the system. Again maybe to talk about the goals they harp and how they are aligned in the organization and how they’re working towards completing those goals including mitigating any risks there involved so that they can actually achieve these goals. The same idea around feedback both around passing negative and positive feedback to ensure the performance of the organization is always online.

Jimmy: Okay. How small can a company when beginning to consider Halogen as a solution? What are some of the problems that they may be facing that Halogen could come in and solve? At what point should a company consider signing on?

Ken: That’s a great question. We’ve seen a lot of different customers - in this case well over two thousand - that we’ve taken this talent journey at different steps. Some it comes in where they’re doing a year in review but everything’s done on paper and the process is cluttered. There’s no automation. They’re having issues about trying to keep timeliness. Everybody’s engaged in it and just go. The automation of our system allows for that to be streamlined.

There are others where they’re just trying to get on that next generation of performance where they’re not talking about ratings or competency maps. We’re really about how people are doing but more importantly focus on what’s going well in the organization, focusing on we’ve done better and really focus on what needs to stop in the organization. This idea around next generation has many touch points throughout the year. So again engagements, having meetings, monitor those meetings between supervisors and the end users. Maybe it’s weekly. Maybe it’s biweekly. Maybe it’s once a month. But get a pulse on what’s going on in your department, in your team, in your overall organization and try to drive performance through those conversations.