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HiringBoss overview

What is HiringBoss?

Organize your end-to-end hiring process in one place.

Manage resumés, on-line job posting, interview scheduling, requisition sign-off, feedback, thank-you notes, and much more, all through our easy-to-use interface.

Game-changing features, such as slideshow analytics and the instant interview scheduler, give you a simple, automated workflow.

Measure the performance of all applicant channels, internal and external, with the revolutionary HiringBoss Scorecard System.

Superior pay-as-you-go software that takes talent acquisition to the next level.

Arm yourself with HiringBoss and win the war on talent. Give your business an unfair advantage over your competitors.



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United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, China, India, Japan

Supported languages

English, Chinese (Simplified), Chinese (Traditional), Indonesian, Japanese and 4 other languages, Korean, Spanish, Taiwanese, Thai

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Lucy Matjaz

HiringBoss has completely changed how we approach the hiring process

Reviewed 2011-10-24
Review Source: GetApp

As a a Japan-based business, HiringBoss has completely changed how we approach the hiring process. It has given us a clear process and the savings that we've seen in time and also our recruitment spend were tangible within weeks. Local and friendly support made things as painless as possible- with HiringBoss you have the feeling that you are dealing with real people who have a hands-on and fast approach, which has been a big 'win' for us. HiringBoss is the only option we found for an Asia-based business (or a global business with offices in Asia) as it gives you user adoption amongst your Asian colleagues. Our Japanese colleagues enjoy working with HiringBoss and it has become an integral part of our internal systems. -Very affordable too. We are a small business so cost is important to us. This product delivers exceptional value.

-Very easy-to-use, we were up and running with it within the day -The multi-language switch means we can work in Japanese and English seamlessly -The HiringBoss Scorecard, it lets us measure the performance of our various recruitment vendors

-None. We have had an overwhelmingly positive experience with HiringBoss, largely due to the attentive and friendly approach of their team. -Thanks Ryo-san and Heather at HiringBoss Japan- you've made HiringBoss a joy for us!

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eloise kirkby

Exceptional Prduct for Asian Businesses

Reviewed 2012-04-20
Review Source: Capterra

Great for Asian businesses, or international businesses with an Asian focus or interest,

Multi-lingual in Asian languages, such as Japanese Japanese and other local speaker support Nice clean interface, very simple to follow Cheap- most businesses can afford this Sophisticated reports

None that I can think of. Currently they do not have Thai as a language although I understand that this is on the way.

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Jack Guthall

Hiring at it's Finest

Reviewed 2017-01-30
Review Source: Capterra

When it comes to the hiring process, it can be very lengthy. By using this software it has helped us speed up our hiring process.

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Affordable monthly fees based on the number of user licenses. We have a product to suit all budgets.

HiringBoss features

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Additional information for HiringBoss

Key features of HiringBoss

  • Simple workflow that drives process like no other ATS
  • Class leading Dashboard
  • Comprehensive reporting
  • Requisition Singoff
  • Multi-lingual
  • Auto-schedule interview, Thank you and rejection letters
  • EEO AA OFCCP Compliance Features
  • Simple yet attractive interface
  • Interaction with external candidate sources
  • Measure's like nothing else on the market
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HiringBoss gives you an optimized hiring process from day 1.

Affordable and flexible: HiringBoss offers unbeatable value for businesses of all sizes.
Advanced yet easy-to-use: receive the most sophisticated features and intuitive recruitment dashboards available.

Pioneering: the HiringBoss Scorecard is a new way to manage your recruitment ROI. Enjoy a truly transparent process.

We take Asian businesses seriously....and are the only ATS to offer true Asian-language compatibility.