iTouchVision HR Helpdesk Features List

iTouchVision HR Helpdesk

Save time dealing with employee enquiries

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iTouchVision HR Helpdesk Feature Summary

  • Allow employees to raise service requests via online forms
  • Roles based access control
  • Allow employees to submit reports via online forms
  • Employee self service portal
  • Enables HR staff to see all cases at a glance
  • Dashboard reporting that allows view on the workload
  • Give those cases a priority level
  • Multi-language app
  • Allocate and track cases
  • Multi-channel app (web, mobile, contact centre)
  • Full case lifecycle management
  • Support 24h/day
  • Edit and add online forms yourself
  • Secure access via 256 Bit SSL encryption
  • Option: enable employees to contact you anonymously
  • Option: Contact centre for a personal touch
  • Data management (employees' name, role, ...)
  • Document storage

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iTouchVision HR Helpdesk Feature Reviews

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Extremely helpful and supportive


It has also allowed our residents to contact or report issues to the council at their own convenience.

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