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Human Resources Solution

Real-time visibility into HR activities for better workflow.

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Human Resources Solution overview

What is Human Resources Solution?

The Human Resources Solution in Comindware® Tracker™ is designed to simplify processing and management of common HR related issues and tasks. With standards-based HR workflow process management templates, forms, lists, and reporting dashboards, you get a robust HR workflow management system that is ready to use and easily customizable to your needs.

Automate Common HR Workflow Processes

With Comindware Tracker, you can automate and manage HR workflow processes with greater efficiency and transparency. Common HR related processes you can automate include:


Comprehensive workflow management simplifies and automates hiring processes. Easily define hiring processes unique to each type of position or department. Accelerate the hiring process, reduce paperwork, track interviews and feedback, and manage it all in a single Workspace.

Vacation / Leave of Absence Requests

Automate workflow and approval processes for documents and online request forms. Automation reduces manual processes, waste, and redundant data entry so common tasks consume less time.


Automate workflow processes and procedures for terminations. Ensure related documents are processed and procedures are followed in accordance with company policies on a timely basis. With Comindware, involved staff members can receive specific termination-related tasks and progress can be tracked and managed in a single system. Automation and centralization can also help with compliance and legal formalities.

Already Have an HR Solution?

Supplement it with Workflow Automation and Transparency

You may already use some kind of HR software, but you may still suffer inefficiencies and errors stemming from lack of workflow process automation, reporting, and clear tasks being issued to responsible parties. You can get more from your current HR software by adding Comindware Tracker with integrated Human Resources Solution.

Take the Next Step

We encourage you to learn more about Comindware Tracker and how it can help you automate, streamline, and manage HR related processes. Or better yet, prove it to yourself by trying it free in your own environment for 30 days.


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Human Resources Solution pricing

Starting from
Pricing options
One time license
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Comindware Human Resources Solution is available in the Cloud or as On-Premise software. Cloud pricing starts from $25 per user/month and goes down as you add more users.

Human Resources Solution features

Real Time Reporting

API (540 other apps)
Activity Dashboard (466 other apps)
Activity Tracking (274 other apps)
Applicant Tracking (320 other apps)
Automatic Notifications (398 other apps)
Customizable Branding (317 other apps)
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Employee Self Service (252 other apps)
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Reporting & Statistics (481 other apps)
Self Service Portal (343 other apps)
Third Party Integration (375 other apps)

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Key features of Human Resources Solution

  • Ready-to-go HR software templates
  • Streamline common HR services
  • Graphical Workflow Builder
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- Real-time Visibility: get real-time visibility into hiring, on-boarding, training and other HR activities to ensure that no important steps were lost. What’s more, different pieces of the process can be interconnected with each other for simple navigation and analytics

- Right Approvals: be sure that hiring, promotion and other decisions are made by the appropriate people with easily configured approval and review schemes. Personalized tasks with appropriate due date, priority etc. are automatically generated by workflow and delivered to the user.

- Enhance Systems: enhance other systems like HRM with workflows, using the Comindware API. Your people can work with both individual tasks and tasks that are part of a whole workflow process in the same place without switching to another system.