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KeldairHR overview

What is KeldairHR?

KeldairHR provides a complete applicant tracking solution and recruiting software for a range of industries, serving the needs of small businesses as well as large franchises. KeldairHR helps to manages the entire process of hiring - from job posting, to interviewing and onboarding - automating tasks and centralizing data. KeldairHR covers job position posting, applicant tracking, applicant communication, candidate evaluation, and onboarding, along with reporting and analytics on all recruitment processes.

KeldairHR offers automatic job position posting on a range of popular online job sites, such as Indeed and Simply Hired. You can also post on social media, send applications to contacts and friends via email, post on branded company career pages, and advertise positions internally. The system provides password-free and profile-free online application for candidates. The system then creates a file for each applicant for you to keep a centralized record of all applicant notes and to track their hiring status.

You can then use the software to ask applicants job-specific questions, evaluate candidates using KeldairHR 's Virtual Interview process, and rank and score candidates. KeldairHR automates a range of applicant communication process such as setting up interviews. The system emails candidates with available slots to schedule interviews. The software will also automatically send pre-written emails to references and track their responses, attaching feedback to applicant files.

You also can attach documents and orientation materials to new employee files for easier onboarding. The reporting and anaytics tools provided by KeldairHR help you understand where candidates have found your job posts, which position posts get the most traffic, track applicant processing time, and more.


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KeldairHR reviews

Value for money
Ease of use
Customer support
Dana Mortimer, SPHR

Excellent ATS System!

Reviewed 2014-10-23
Review Source: GetApp

We moved from an all paper system to Hyrell. What an amazing improvement in applicant communication, hiring time and business efficiency! The Hyrell team has been phenomenal in their communication and responsiveness. The system provides easy ways to review applicants and select the best interview candidates. We tailor the application to each specific position and receive better information from candidates as a result. The SAAS model has worked very well as hiring managers can access applications from any web connection. We've received unsolicited feedback from applicants that they've never received updates when applying elsewhere and they are even more positive about working for our company after the high communication experience they receive through the Hyrell system. The text alert feature is quite unique and widely appreciated by our applicants.

- Easy ways to view all candidates for each position and rank those candidates for interviews. - Virtual interview questions that are customized to each position. - Very responsive, helpful and knowledgeable support team.

- Nothing major. Very pleased with the delivery, service and pricing.

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Jessy Baltz

Keldair Review

Used daily for 6-12 months
Reviewed 2020-07-13
Review Source: Software Advice

As a growing business, not only have we consistently used KeldairHR for hiring services, but internally we have been able to alter positions and roles within our company based on discussions and hiring strategies. At one point, we as a company thought we were looking for a certain position, but soon after altered the position once re-aligning the goals of the position. This was something not many recruiting systems would have pursued with us and made the value of the software and team that much more.

The practicality and ease of having a recruiter has saved me an infinite amount of time. The service is 100% reliable, user-friendly, and I truly appreciate the ability to give constructive feedback and feel catered to. I thoroughly enjoy having a system that's geared towards my personal and business preferences. Such great value in this product and service!

There were some features in the beginning that took some getting used to/ features that were more geared to the recruiter's needs than a customer, however, there have been so many revised items since my beginning of using the product and a bunch of that has been changed and altered for customer use.

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Value for money
Ease of use
Customer support

Likelihood to recommend: 10/10

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John Otroba

Mister Kleen and Hyrell

Reviewed 2016-02-17
Review Source: Software Advice

Easy to implement. Very reasonably priced. Service team is east coast based

Too many data fields and pages are not changeable. Plus given the product is fairly new - there are many more versions before they get all they get all of the quirks out of the product that satisfy customers. Plus too slow to meet new and changing compliance laws. Not as flexible as the try to sell prospective customers. Not as easy to use as several other products. Feels like it was built engineers not recruiters.

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Ease of use
Customer support

Likelihood to recommend: 5/10

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Lisa Penkwitz-DeMartino

The Hyrell Applicant Tracking System effectively modernized the recruitment process at Milwaukee Public Museum and greatly reduced our turn-around time with candidates!

Used daily for 2+ years
Reviewed 2018-02-08
Review Source: Software Advice

Your product allowed me to take down all of the plastic mail buckets with paper requisition forms from our walls and use technology for our recruitment. I have also found that candidates respond much quicker to the on-line invitation requests than missed and return phone calls!

Customer service is a 10! The Virtual Interview Tool allows us to customize our questions by position and filter our candidate pool effectively We love he flexibility to have applicants upload work samples and provide links to project portfolios for our Professional positions and keep the application simple for entry-level positions!

The interview schedule allows for 1 Manager to receive the invitation to an on-site interview, so we have a work-around to schedule interview with the candidates thru Hyrell and use our google calendar for HR/Multiple manager invitations to the same interviews.

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Value for money
Ease of use
Customer support

Likelihood to recommend: 10/10

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Christian Cloen

Easy to use, great customer service and support, gets the job done

Reviewed 2015-07-28
Review Source: Software Advice

In the time that we have been using this software, there are three major things that stand out. First, the ease of navigating the software, it is very easy to navigate around as well as make customizations to many of the features of the program. Second, the set up process was painless, I submitted basic information to the company and they had a trial site up and running within 2 days. Third, the support I get from them is second to none. If I have a problem or a question, it is addressed immediately by my account representative.

Mostly, I wish they posted to more than 4 job boards automatically. They do give the ability to have an ad created from your post that you can use to post to the boards they do not post to, but it would be nice to have this done automatically to more of the bigger job boards.

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Ease of use
Customer support

Likelihood to recommend: 8/10

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KeldairHR pricing

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SOLO: $ 200 per month. Up to 3 active jobs.

SMALL BUSINESS: $ 400 per month. Up to 9 active jobs

MEDIUM BUSINESS: $ 600 per month. Up to 19 active jobs

LARGE BUSINESS: $ 800 per month. Up to 29 active jobs

ENTERPRISE: Call for a quote. Over 29 active jobs

KeldairHR features

Applicant Tracking

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Additional information for KeldairHR

Key features of KeldairHR

  • Create a customized careers page
  • Free posting on popular Internet job boards
  • 450 pre-made job templates
  • Create pre-screening questions
  • Use Interview Manager to schedule inetrviews
  • Streamed activity feed for recruiters
  • Virtual Interview™ process
  • Customizable email templates to candidates
  • Applicant activity log
  • No-password, no-profile online applications
  • Social media sharing w/ unique URLs
  • Update applicant files with notes, follow up questions, etc.
  • online application withdrawal for candidates
  • Text message to candidates
  • Automatically send offer letters
  • Rank candidates based on scored responses
  • Automated emails to references
  • Batch updates and mass communications
  • Email orientation packages and administrative forms
  • Reporting and Analysis tools
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Automatic Position Posting:
- Advertise open positions on popular internet job boards such as Indeed and Simply Hired.
- Share on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, as well as email. Use a unique URL for source tracking.
- Set up a customized career page that reflects your brand. Offer job positions internally.

Applicant Tracking:
- Every applicant has a unique applicant file for insight into their individual hiring status.
- Create and send job-related questions to hopefuls. KeldairHR ranks applicants automatically based on your set criteria.

- KeldairHR's Virtual Interviewer lets you rank and score candidates based on qualitative responses.
- Automatically schedule interviews with automated emails.
- You can also send out automated emails to references and track replies and route feedback to applicant's files.

- Automatically attach important hiring documents to applicant files, such as orientation materials and W-4s.
- Automated disposition codes can be used for auditability and to ensure you are adopting proper hiring practices.

Candidate Communications:
- Send automatic email updates to candidates regarding the status of their application.
- Send follow-up messages to candidates and ask questions to candidates all within Hyrell.

Hiring Analytics and Reporting:
- KeldairHR provides pre-built reports to evaluate your hiring activity. You can also create and export your own reports.
- KeldairHR's reports include: hiring reports to see how applicants have found your posts. Job position analytics to evaluate different position postings performance. User analytics to track candidate and hiring manager behavior.
- It also includes EEO compliance reporting, as well as electronic archives of all applications.

Unique Customization and Workflows:
- Automated and customizable workflows for individual positions, including skills assessments and background check.
- Library of customizable position templates with job description, questions and content.
- Team activity feeds, add comments and share canditate feedback with your team.

- KeldairHR integrates with the following 3rd party apps:
Info Cubic, Criteria Corp, ZERORISK, Sage HRMS, Onboarding by KeldairHR, DOT (Department of Transportation) by KeldairHR

Multiple Industries:
- KeldairHR provides solutions for a number of specific industry verticals. These include:
Senior Living, Health & Fitness Clubs, Distribution & Manufacturing, Education and Transportation.