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jobdreaming is an innovative web-based service that changes the hiring dynamic, matching active and passive candidates with recruiters and employers. Using jobdreaming, job seekers describe the job they are looking for in a single fill-in-the-blank sentence, and are then matched with job openings created by recruiters and employers. jobdreaming is uniquely positioned to attract the elusive passive candidates because the app doesn’t require candidates to give their name or post a resume.


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jobdreaming screenshot: jobdreaming homepage where candidates can describe their dream job in 30 seconds.

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Key features of jobdreaming

  • Create multiple postings for free during our beta period!
  • Creating a job posting takes no more than 60 seconds.
  • See only candidates who are interested in your position, ava
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Tap into jobdreaming's pool of active and passive candidates.

We filter out the noise and provide you only with perfect matches.

We make it easy and confidential for candidates to tell us the exact positions they're looking for.