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Moonshot Insights overview

Moonshot Insights is a pre-employment testing platform with hiring technology that is customized to each organization to predict the success of their candidates before they are hired. The platform constantly learns with every hiring decision made, and improves based on feedback reports and internal data on the company. Moonshot Insights allows users to evaluate candidates for their personality and intellectual traits, predict each applicant's job performance, growth potential, culture fit and longevity at the company. Organizations can streamline their hiring process by inviting applicants to complete a 22-minute evaluation.

Moonshot Insights includes an evaluations page which provides users with an overview of all open positions at the organization. Users can share a custom page with candidates, which gives users a single link which can be embedded into any ATS (applicant tracking system) or email communication with candidates. Once candidates complete their evaluation, users get a predictive view within the candidates page which helps users understand, in context, how everyone is performing relative to one another. Users can drill down on each individual to see their reports including predictions, personality analysis, general cognitive, and more. Existing employees can be invited to complete the same evaluation to be able to form a predictive baseline which can guide hiring decisions.


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Moonshot Insights screenshot: Quickly identify their future performance, growth potential, culture fit and longevity. Compare any applicant with employees, other applicants, or employee or applicant averages.Moonshot Insights screenshot: Company culture quantified so that you can quickly identify culture fit.Moonshot Insights screenshot: See how likely an applicant is to exhibit your company's core values.Moonshot Insights screenshot: Learn about their workplace behaviors and tendencies. Quickly identify strengths and weaknesses.

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The platform is free until you make your first hire. No credit card required. Contact Moonshot Learning for detailed pricing information.

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Key features of Moonshot Insights

  • Aptitude Testing
  • Personality Testing
  • Online Testing
  • Candidate Management
  • Real Time Reporting
  • Workflow Management
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Moonshot Insights constantly learns and improves based on feedback reports and internal data on your company.

Moonshot Insights generates custom predictions of candidates' job performance, culture fit, growth potential and longevity/tenure.

Predict job success with more accuracy than a resume by uncovering personality and intellectual data on candidates with Moonshot Insights.

Analyze candidates to see if they exhibit the qualities of proven high achievers. Remove unconscious biases to empirically identify better and more diverse hires.

Avoid dismissing top applicants based on biased and non-predictive data on resumes. Collect applicant data highly predictive of job success and leverage AI.