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Intuit Online Payroll

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Intuit Online Payroll use case: Kelly Kerr

Kelly Kerr

Verified Reviewer  
8th of September, 2016
Horrible software and even worse customer and tech support

We spent a nightmarish 3-4 weeks using this software. It looks great at first glance, but there are many bugs and can cause HUGE problems that cost time and money to resolve. They false advertise features and when you call in for support it's probably the worst I've seen in 16 years of business. Avoid at all costs

What do you like best?

I really can't think of any - they are so far behind competitors in almost every department it's ridiculous

What do you dislike?

False advertising, horrible customer and tech support.

Why did you end up selecting Intuit Online Payroll over other applications?

No I did not as I was already a desktop user.

If so, why did you switch?

Need online cloud access.

What is your main use case with Intuit Online Payroll?

Accounting for small business

Give one example how Intuit Online Payroll has improved the way your organization functions

Cloud access

What is your ROI?

It's negative - we lost significant time and money in trying to implement this software from the inept Quickbooks Canada.

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Less than 6 months

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