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PeopleClues overview

PeopleClues is an applicant management solution that assesses your job applicants both before and after they have been hired. The product consists of four modules: Pre.Hire, Post-Hire, Assessments and Benchmarking. PeopleCloues' Pre-Hire module acts as a candidate assessment solution that measures the likelihood of an applicant to succeed in the roles they are applying for. The app will alert you of unwanted behaviors or personality traits, determine job fit and advise on how best to train new hires.

PeopleClues uses integrated assessments that measure attitude, engagement, job fit, personality and cognitive skills. The Assessment Dashboard shows the results of these assessments in custom views. You can view an overall list of applicants for a particular position, showing the percentage Job Fit, and status of Attitude, Job Engagement & Employer Engagement. You can also view individual candidates profiles and determine which positions they would be best matched to through scores and reports. A customizable benchmarking tool with over 100 job categories (or roles) in 6 industry sectors allows you to further assess individuals traits desired for certain roles.


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PeopleClues screenshot: PeopleClues Job Fit ReportPeopleClues screenshot: PeopleClues Engagement SummaryPeopleClues screenshot: Candidate View in the Assessment Dashboard by PeopleCluesPeopleClues screenshot: Job View in the Assessment Dashboard by PeopleCluesPeopleClues screenshot: PeopleClues Behavioral Interview Questions reportPeopleClues screenshot: PeopleClues Training & Coaching ReportPeopleClues screenshot: PeopleClues Job Fit ReportPeopleClues screenshot: PeopleClues Engagement Summary

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PeopleClues pricing

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PeopleClues features

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Additional information for PeopleClues

Key features of PeopleClues

  • Assessment Dashboard
  • Multiple integrated assessments
  • Sort candidates by % job fit
  • View applicant list by job role
  • Detailed views of each candidate
  • Match candidates with open positions
  • Pre-hire & post-hire tools
  • Onboarding tools & tips
  • See candidate scores per job position
  • View candidiate reports
  • Automated Candidate Experience engine
  • Candidate feedback
  • Candidates can add languages and social media profiles
  • Pre-behavioral interview questions
  • Candidate Dashboard
  • Free Career Trait Profiles
  • Post-hire tools: Coaching, Leadership, Engagement, & Job Fit
  • Assessments: Atitude, pesonlaity, engagement & cognitiove
  • 100+ job categories with pre-built benchmarks
  • Create custom benchmarks
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Assessment Dashboard: View a list of candidates by job, or see an individual candidate's profile and the jobs that match them. Includes job fit score, job engagement ranking and employer engagement ranking.

Pre-Hire: Includes Attitude Fit tool, Engagement tool, Job Fit tool and On-boarding tool.

Post-Hire: Includes Coaching tool, Leadership tool, Job Fit tool & Engagement tool for ongoing assessment.

Assessments: Includes Attitude assessment such as "Hostility" and "Dependability", Engagement assessment such as Company Commitment & Job Commitment; Personality assessment bases on the "Big 5" common straits; cognitive assesmnet based on cognitive speed and learning speed.

Benchmarking: Create custom benchmarks or use pre-built generic benchmarks from across 100 plus categories in 6 suites; General Business, Health, Hospitality, Property Management, Auto Dealerships, and Salons