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Playoff overview

Playoff is a web-based gamification platform designed for use in HR, sales, marketing, and eLearning. The software allows users to create and manage their own custom games to motivate and engage employees, with avatars, levels, progress bars, points, badges, leaderboards, and more.

With Playoff, users can create gamified experiences by combining processes, rules, metrics, and teams to form a game. Users define which metrics they wish to use for measuring performance, what actions players will complete, processes to build player journeys or skill trees, game rules, and leaderboard setups. The rewards available for different actions and processes can be customized, with chance mechanics to control how often rewards are applied. Playoff also supports multiple leaderboard scopes, covering the entire game, all teams of a set type, or players within a single team, and leaderboards update automatically in real time.

Playoff can be used to engage both employees and customers through different experiences. eCommerce can be gamified to increase customer loyalty by assigning missions to customers with rewards such as advance promotions or exclusive discounts, and awarding points for actions. For training and eLearning, avatars, multiple levels, and progress bars serve to motivate learners to continue along their learning path. In sales, Playoff’s points system can be used to both reward and penalize players, and a social feed enables peer-to-peer recognition of achievements. Playoff can also be customized to suit a range of needs and products, allowing users to apply it to many areas of their business.


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Playoff screenshot: Playoff allows users to create customized gamified experiences to engage their employees and customersE Learning Gamification with PlayoffPlayoff screenshot: Users can define the metrics to be measuredPlayoff screenshot: Actions to be taken by players can also be definedPlayoff screenshot: Chance mechanics provide an element of randomness to the awarding of rewardsPlayoff screenshot: Leaderboards can be set up to display the top players or teamsGamification platform for marketing

Playoff reviews


Very good

Value for money
Ease of use
Customer support
Marcello Pillitu

We boosted engagement both in b2c and internal processes

Used weekly for 2+ years
Reviewed 2018-12-16
Review Source: Capterra

I really appreciated its agnostic nature. It’s a very flexible software and the staff I worked with it’s so brilliant and exciting.We opted for the on-premise license. The great staff is supporting us on the definition of gamification strategy for our company. I liked its ease of use and, above all, the possibility to simulate the game you’re building and its ability to manage tones of informations in a short time.

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Very user friendly

Used daily for free trial
Reviewed 2019-01-30
Review Source: Capterra

Playoff would be an asset for my startup that is based off gaming mechanics. Allow to track results easier is a plus.Onboarding with Playoff Academy was very good and helped me understand the process a little better.

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Ali Akhtari

Flexible and Handy

Used weekly for free trial
Reviewed 2018-12-07
Review Source: Capterra

1.The Agility of the platform was fabulous. 2.Its handiness was impressive. 3.It’s evident that Playoff creators understood the core concepts of gamification very well and used their knowledge to invent a gamification platform. Playoff allows you to design and manage deep gamification techniques. 4.Engaging Onboarding phase (Playoff Academy)

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Gerardo Celentano

Complete, powerful and effective. Perfect for Gamifying Enterprise Intranet

Used monthly for 1-2 years
Reviewed 2018-12-21
Review Source: Capterra

We needed to motivate employees, increase their engagement and help the user adoption on the social intranets we create for our customers. Playoff helped us to reward the actions that were strategic for our customers and in a short time, thanks to the easy integration via API we have gamified our projects!

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Davide Bucci

Powerful rules engine. Easy to create a POC

Used monthly for less than 6 months
Reviewed 2018-12-19
Review Source: Capterra

My work involves the management of b2b and b2c projects in which usability and rate ration are key elements for success: the use of gamification as a motivational lever; creating habits and consolidating best pratices thanks to progression and reward is very important. Playoff is a platform that is on the market as a layer that we can add both on new projects and on existing projects, integrating it through its APIs: this is fundamental for companies like ours that develop custom projects.Creation of gamification design: immediate usability, thanks to the tutorial and documentation Possibility of simulating and verifying the functioning of the design in real time Neutrality of the layer with respect to frontend technology The possibility of being used also by non-technical profiles

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Playoff features

Activity Dashboard
Activity Tracking
Customizable Branding

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Additional information for Playoff

Key features of Playoff

  • API integrations
  • Activity feeds
  • Activity log
  • Badge management
  • Control dashboard
  • Customizable design
  • Game mechanics
  • Missions
  • Participant leaderboard
  • Points & badges
  • Progress bar & levels
  • Real-time performance monitoring
  • Rewards management
  • Social feeds
  • Team management
  • User avatars
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• Users can design the rules, metrics, logic, and awards for the game mechanics used.

• Participants are assigned missions and can earn or lose points, and be rewarded with badges when they succeed.

• The dashboard allows users to monitor teams’ work through activity feeds and view insights in real time.

• Social feeds enable peer recognition and feedback to motivate employees.

• Progress bars, levels, and responsive avatars allow participants to track their progress and encourage completion.