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Recruiterbox use case: Rachel Said

Rachel Said

Verified Reviewer  
22nd of July, 2016
Incredible support from the team

Our company was thinking of new ways to move our HR system online, and we came across Recruiterbox with our first click. The support we found from the team behind Recruiterbox was incredible - we actually didn't expect to have our emails answered within the first few minutes of sending them. They even adjusted our plan to fit our needs, and were of great help along the way. They took everything we asked into consideration, put them to work and integrated them into the final product which we're currently using. The software is so easy to use that it made the handover process to my other team members relatively quick and I was able to answer any questions raised instantly, due to the fact that I was provided the information from the Recruiterbox team prior to giving the handover. We also chose this software because it fit our budget. Our company offers software development, hosting and digital marketing services, and we're a team of roughly 25 people. The system was integrated beautifully with our website, and it also allows us to add recruitment agencies to the system which was also a huge plus.

What do you like best?

- ease of use - extremely supportive team - possibility to add recruitment agencies to use the software - any customisations we needed were implemented - fit our budget

Why did you end up selecting Recruiterbox over other applications?

Fit our budget, was most helpful and supportive, offered and actually implemented what we needed into the system.

What is your main use case with Recruiterbox?

Easing the process of HR and actively involving other team members in the recruitment process.

Give one example how Recruiterbox has improved the way your organization functions

We were working offline before and the fact that we moved online and had the entire process streamlined so smoothly and effectively helped us greatly in our performance.

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Recommendations to others considering Recruiterbox

I highly recommend Recruiterbox. From an HR perspective, it made the recruitment process so much smoother and easier that I no longer see it as a tiring task (forwarding emails, replying to candidate, scheduling interviews which won't take place at the same time as another meeting, etc) as it's all automated and the staff quickly got the hang of it.

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