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Marc Fasel

Verified Reviewer

Good Little App


I use Small Improvements to manage the objectives of my software development team. I use the Objectives and Key Results (OKR) method, which works pretty well with Small Improvements. I just list the key results in the description of the objective. The comments can then reference one of the key results. Originally we set the objectives semesterly, and they got lost amid the day-to-day work we do. We then changed to quarterly objectives, and that works much better. I work together with my employees to set the objectives, and they know pretty well what they need to accomplish throughout the quarter. It is important that the tool sends out emails to remind people of their objectives. I can really see how employees are working on the objectives throughout the quarter.


- Manager and employee can continuously add comments to an objective to document milestones achieved, praises given, or changes in the objectives.


- User interface is sometimes a bit confusing. There are multiple views of the objectives, and you can do different things in each. Since the tool doesn't get used every day I often find myself trying to remember where I can e.g. set the rating on an objective. - The tool offers a number of configurations, but it doesn't really guide you on a best practice of how to set and track objectives. I would love the tool to have a wizard to set up e.g. OKR that explains how to map that to the tool.

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Time used: 1-2 years

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