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Team Org Chart

Organization Charts for Office365

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Team Org Chart overview

The Team Org Chart application allows you to View, Create, Search and Print organisation charts from Office 365 or Microsoft Azure.

It Integrates into your company using Azure Active Directory, providing single sign on for the staff within your organization.

Create charts from Excel, from a SQL Server database or straight from Azure AD.


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Team Org Chart screenshot: Choose info for your chart in TeamOrgChartTeam Org Chart screenshot: View your chart in TeamOrgChartTeam Org Chart screenshot: Loading data in TeamOrgChartTeam Org Chart screenshot: Map fields in TeamOrgChartTeam Org Chart screenshot: Import data in TeamOrgChartTeam Org Chart screenshot: Styling the Organization ChartTeam Org Chart screenshot: Org Chart with Conditional FormmatingTeam Org Chart screenshot: Office 365 Org Chart

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Team Org Chart features

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Additional information for Team Org Chart

Key features of Team Org Chart

  • Create interactive organisation charts
  • Print your chart to PDF
  • Search navigate the chart
  • Conditional formatting to highlight roles
  • Integrates with Office 365
  • Integrates with Microsoft Azure
  • Staff Directory
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