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The PAIRIN Readiness Management System

Cloud-based pre-employment selection platform

4.82/5 (11 reviews)

The PAIRIN Readiness Management System overview

Never pay per assessment again and start hiring for the soft skills and mindsets that make YOUR top performers rock. Our clients experience up to a 67% reduction in employee turnover, up to an 80% reduction in applicant evaluation time, and often save millions a year with more predictable personnel decisions. Avoid the potential legal dangers of using personality tests for hiring and start your FREE PAIRIN Trial now!

PAIRIN’s survey gives a non-cognitive measurement of more than 100 characteristics and personality traits, offering insights into character strengths, thinking styles, social and emotional intelligence, professionalism, determination and more. The qualities and skill of top-performing staff already employed by the company can be used to create custom job profiles for hiring, with the ability to create specific profiles for individual positions, teams, locations and regions. PAIRIN automatically scores candidates through their patent pending process, presenting an individual’s score alongside the target score range for that characteristic. Interviewers are also provided with candidate-specific questions to gain further insight during interviews.

PAIRINs system can also be used to identify areas for potential improvement in employee skills, enabling users to set targets for personal development, and measure progress using the same parameters as the initial assessment.


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The PAIRIN Readiness Management System screenshot: The survey features audio and definitions, and can be taken in several different languages.JodiThe PAIRIN Readiness Management System screenshot: The PAIRIN Readiness Management System produces applicant-specific hiring insightsThe PAIRIN Readiness Management System screenshot: Multiple candidates' scores for various characteristics can be compared on the same graphThe PAIRIN Readiness Management System screenshot: Candidates are automatically scored and prioritized based on their survey answersThe PAIRIN Readiness Management System screenshot: Individual employees' scores can be used to identify areas for personal developmentThe PAIRIN Readiness Management System screenshot: Individuals' actual scores are presented alongside the target score rangeThe PAIRIN Readiness Management System screenshot: The top 4 qualities for each individual are displayed with descriptions on how they interact with the world.The PAIRIN Readiness Management System screenshot: Companies can grant access for employees to view a personalized dashboard displaying their strengths and custom insightsLauren

The PAIRIN Readiness Management System reviews


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Mj Reynolds

Great interview help

Used daily for 1-2 years
Reviewed 2018-09-24
Review Source: Capterra

Prescreening applicants. We send the survey out before we go into any in depth interviewing. Candidates who are not very serious about working for us don't usually even bother to take the test, so saves some time there. Helps to identify areas where to concentrate in interviews.Easy to submit to applicants. Survey is quick and easy to take. Our managers love the suggested interview questions based on the profiles.

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Jeff Paul

The best way to know exactly who you're hiring before making an offer

Reviewed 2016-01-04
Review Source: Capterra

Pairin has completely transformed how we go about hiring. Our process previously was largely a shot in the dark. Even after extensive interviews and resume and portfolio reviews, we still didn't know what we were going to get in a new employee. Pairin paints a picture for us of who an individual is, what makes her or him tick and what challenges we might face if we hired her or him. Not only has this made our recent hires significantly more successful (we've had 0% turnover since we started using Pairin), but it makes us better managers as well. We're having conversations with our employees about how to help them grow and how we can grow to be better managers as well. The product is also very simply laid out. It's easy to use and is easy to "dive in" and find more information on specific details about who an individual is and how an she or he compares to another group. We recommend using Pairin for hiring and employee development 100%, without hesitation.

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Lee Mayer

Incredibly Important for Cohesive Teams

Reviewed 2015-12-18
Review Source: Capterra

I found Pairin to be incredibly helpful when hiring. It's a super simple process, in which you have your applicants take a short test, and the system is able to tell you whether they would be a good fit for what you are looking for, culturally, for the role and the company overall. When hiring rapidly, as we are, it can generally be difficult to assess the qualitative skills that make a person succeed in a dynamic team setting. Pairin provided us transparency and instant feedback on those qualitative things that really make our team high performance. We were able to make confident hiring decisions, and their recommendations were always spot on. We were skeptical at first, but as time went on, it was clear that they were really good at assessing the traits that made someone a high value team player. Their team is extremely helpful in talking through what things mean, and setting the system up, so that you are able to self-serve around these insights.

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Pairin is an outstanding tool!

Used daily for 6-12 months
Reviewed 2018-09-26
Review Source: Capterra

Easy to use and customize. Great support team. High value.

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Mark Case

Excellent Pre-employment Screening

Reviewed 2015-12-20
Review Source: Capterra

The Pairin gives deep insights into people's emotional intelligence (EQ) and soft skills. It provides solid data about the degree to which a potential employee would be engaged, determined, initiating, and confident--to name just a few of the many attributes the Pairin assesses. And it goes even further by evaluating how motivated a potential employee would be to improve in any of the areas assessed. I would consider the Pairin an invaluable tool for any company that wants to make savvy hires for key positions. The only possible downside to the Pairin is that with close to 100 discrete attributes assessed, it my take your HR director a bit of work to sort through all the great information available about your future employee.

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The PAIRIN Readiness Management System pricing

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14-day free trial available - no credit card required. Business pricing starts at $199/month per user and power users can access a full array of hiring and professional development tools for $499/month per user.

The PAIRIN Readiness Management System features

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Additional information for The PAIRIN Readiness Management System

Key features of The PAIRIN Readiness Management System

  • Skill testing
  • Applicant prioritization
  • Vetted questions
  • Graphical interface
  • Online survey
  • Personality testing
  • Custom interview guides
  • Hiring insights
  • Personal growth measurement
  • 100+ characteristics
  • Candidate scoring
  • Actual vs ideal scores
  • Target score ranges
  • Custom targets
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The survey includes more than 100 characteristic measurements to give insight into thinking styles, character strengths, determination, social and emotional intelligence and more.

Custom job profiles can be created based on the skills and qualities of top performing staff, specific to different positions, teams or locations.

PAIRIN prioritizes candidates, allowing hiring managers to easily see the candidates that are the best fit for any program, job role or corporate culture.

Areas for employee improvement can be identified, targets created, and professional growth measured by comparing employees’ actual scores for particular characteristics to the ideal scores and target ranges presented by PAIRIN.

PAIRIN removes unconscious bias from the entire hiring process by stack ranking applicants based exclusively on the soft skills that make them successful in a job, program or culture.

PAIRIN provides proven behavioral interview questions for managers to be able to conduct the most productive interviews based on each applicants strengths and skill gaps.

Get started immediately from any device - mobile, tablet or desktop

Organize applicants in a single cloud-based location with resumes, contact information and ranking scores displayed for quick and easy access.