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Communicate and share work availability & time off

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timeION overview

timeION is an attendance tracking platform that helps small businesses track and communicate team work schedules, availability, remote locations, and time off. The platform enables managers to keep track of who is in or out of the office, approve or reject time off, and run attendance reports. Employees can view colleagues' schedules, share individual work-time plans, request time off, and more.

With timeION’s schedule sharing dashboard, employees and managers can track team availability with a single glance, and swiftly determine which colleagues are present, working remotely, or have the day off. Users can update and share their individual work-time plans, as well as make changes to the calendar by adjusting the work hours as needed.

Organizations can streamline time of processes by allowing employees to place requests for vacation time, days off, sick days, and personal time off (PTO). Managers get a notification on their dashboard, and can either approve or deny the request. Users can receive smart in-app and email notifications about all current or future absences from employees, and can ‘follow’ particular colleagues for immediate alerts.

timeION’s leave management system helps managers stay in control of operations by providing accountability for PTO, vacation time, sick, and paid time off. Managers can run attendance reports in order to extract the information they need. The solution offers two-way calendar sync with Google that reflects all changes made in timeION’s work schedules, and vice versa.


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timeION screenshot: The schedule sharing dashboard provides team availability at a glancetimeION screenshot: Determine who is available, working remotely, and who has the day offtimeION screenshot: Smart in-app and email notifications about present and upcoming absences timeION screenshot: Get a monthly, weekly or daily perspective on schedulestimeION screenshot: Update work schedules and share with the teamtimeION screenshot: Employees are able to place requests for managers to either approve or denytimeION screenshot: Managers can run reports to extract information needed for keeping track of an employee’s vacation, sick and paid time offtimeION screenshot: With timeION’s mobile view, users can access and update the calendar from anywhere

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timeION features

Activity Dashboard
Automatic Notifications
Employee Management
Time & Attendance Tracking

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Additional information for timeION

Key features of timeION

  • Employee scheduling
  • Team availability at a glance
  • Share work schedules
  • Request, approve, reject time off
  • Notifications
  • Manage employee personal time off
  • Two-way calendar sync
  • Multi timezones
  • Acceptance flow
  • Absence reports
  • Multiple offices
  • Customization
  • Contractor accounts
  • Team schedule public link
  • Downloadable PDF team schedules
  • Teams and groups management
  • Reports
  • Schedule sharing dashboard
  • Monthly, weekly or daily perspective
  • Calendar
  • Google Calendar integration
  • Streamline processes
  • Request for personal time off (PTO)
  • Vacation, day off, sick days
  • Adjust work hours
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timeION's schedule sharing dashboard enables users to view schedules at a glance, with a monthly, weekly, or daily view.

Team availability calendars allow managers to easily determine who is available, working remotely, or taking the day off.

Managers can track vacation time/PTO with timeION's leave management system and run attendance reports.

Everyone on the team is able update and share their individual schedules with timeION.

Users can 'follow' colleagues to receive smart in-app and email notifications about any current and upcoming absences.