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Verified Reviewer  22nd of May, 2015

Adding to my Tribe almost made easy

So all in all I find it easy to use with just one thing I felt was missing. When I archive a CV I would like to see the option to archive to reuse later or archive in the sense of delete for ever and bye bye.

Pros: intuitive and easy on they eye

Cons: archive could offer options

9th of November, 2012

Easy, nice and efficient

I use TribeHR mainly to planify the holidays of my team and keep track of all employee events. The team likes to be able to check the holidays of everyone and at the end the life of the company is more clear for everyone. In addition I find it very easy to use and intuitive. Definitely worth a try

19th of April, 2012

easy to set up - helps us to keep all employee info in one place

As the office manager i use TribeHR to manage both our hiring process (publish job offers and receive applicants resume) and our employees data. It is quite easy to set up and get started. Employees use the self service modules to schedule holidays and time off. No special training was required

Pros: Good support team, affordable plans

Cons: a bit too US centric (we are a european based company)

27th of January, 2012

Great tool for new hires

As an employee, I love this tool, because it allows me to see org chart easily, allows me to plan vacation days, and check when my colleagues are going on vacation.

23rd of April, 2011

Best all-in-one HR tool I've used!

TribeHR has done a great job of incorporating what HR, managers and employees need to do their jobs effectively. It is quick, smart and simple. It has everything you need as a manager without having to ask HR for help in getting the info. It really puts the information in the employee's and manager's hands eliminating administrative support often required by HR. It is also easy to navigate making for a great user experience. TribeHR has a boat-load of capabilities and features that are rarely found in one system. It is the first system that I've seen that attempts to incorporate every aspect of Human Resources it can. Doesn't have a feature you're looking for? The TribeHR support team is fabulous for responding to anything from quick bug fixes and little modifications to larger releases and features.

Pros: One System, lots of tools and features. Great support team. Still incorporating customer feedback and feature requests. Easy to use making the launch and training a cinch!

Cons: A few bugs here and there but the support team is always great in responding. Some features are still being developed so they may lack the structure or capabilities you are used to seeing from larger exclusive tools.

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Verified Reviewer  6th of September, 2015

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