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VidCruiter VidInterviewing use case: Vanessa Johnson

Vanessa Johnson

Verified Reviewer  
19th of January, 2017
K-12 School -- it works for us

We are a network of charter schools in Philadelphia. Our recruitment team uses VidCruiter software in conjunction with Salesforce. We signed up for VidCruiter so that we could free up recruiter time during phone interviews. We were limited in the number of people that we could conduct phone interviews with, so our process relied very heavily on resume screening. VidCruiter has allowed us to interview FAR more people and to consider people seriously beyond a resume. Candidates enjoy the flexibility in scheduling and the ability to re-record their answers. As a recruiter, it is nice to reserve phone interviews for critical roles or follow up questions.

What do you like best?

Customer support is amazing. Delightful, really. Replies are fast and issues are resolved quickly. It is very much a selling point that has allowed us to renew for the last couple of years.

What do you dislike?

Occasionally, video load time lags both as a reviewer and for candidate participants. I'm not sure why. As a reviewer, this means it takes me a bit longer than I'd like to watch a video because it will stream the first few seconds and I have to keep pausing it to let it buffer. I am confident that it isn't my internet connection because I can easily enjoy Netflix and YouTube without this issue. The way of creating positions and adding questions to positions is a more time consuming than I'd like. For me, this is where I lean on the support team who graciously create positions for me in what seems like lightening speed.

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Price was great.

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The price point was great for us. Much more affordable than others.

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2+ years

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