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What is Workable?

Workflow’s recruitment solution uses a process that is simple and straightforward. As LinkedIn forms the basis of all operations within the solution, it is therefore vital to have a LinkedIn account to use the software. Immediately after logging into LinkedIn, you are prompted to create a careers page for your organization. This page serves two main functions: it acts as your main homepage on the Workable site and is also used to advertise openings by embedding this page on your company’s website.

Creating jobs within the solution follows a standard workflow of detailing requirements for jobs, establishing screening requirements in which you can assign rules for each of the job criteria, collaborating with co-workers and colleagues to vet applicants, and finally publishing the job to job boards and social media. Workable has already tied up with Indeed, one of the largest job boards on the Internet, to post your job automatically to their site.

Workable has several features to speed up processing of resumes. You can establish preset filters for resumes, as well as collaborating with co-workers and colleagues to mark up individual resumes with comments.

The solution also helps you identify and track statistics related to your hiring efforts through a range of analytics, such as sources for overall responses and best quality responses. This helps job advertisers cut costs by eliminating job boards that do not provide quality leads. The solution also sends you a weekly or daily activity update for all listed positions.

Workable combines the power of LinkedIn’s 200 million professionals with Internet technology and SaaS pricing.

The benefits for job hunters is the ability to apply for roles with one click, while the benefit for the employer is that they can analyze and display structured data and use this in the screening process.

The solution focuses on simplifying one of the most time-consuming recruitment tasks - looking for and screening candidates.