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TalentPrint overview

What is TalentPrint?

TalentPrint is a talent development platform that allows employees to grow their own skills and boost their strengths with personalized development guides. The solution is designed for companies with a large workforce, who are looking for an innovative approach to HR (human resources) practices. As a self directed career management tool applicable to everyone in an organization, TalentPrint helps to improve engagement scores.

TalentPrint is designed to make employees want to share their data with the company, by turning the typical assessment process into a powerful development tool. With TalentPrint's personalized development guides, employees can identify their strengths and make them visible to the business. The platform helps talented staff members to recognize their potential and best career opportunities, as well as develop important personal attributes for success in business and in their personal lives.

TalentPrint helps managers to get the most out of their teams by providing targeted advice to employees. The people analytics tool for HR helps managers to identify specific development needs that help boost individual performance, as well as effectively combine the right talent on high performing teams. TalentPrint helps organizations detect hidden talent, prioritize training, predict performance issues, and facilitate effective deployment. The solution provides users with a variety of reports including talent analysis, comparison, and development reports.


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Youlab Career App: From $72.00 per year, per employee.

TalentPrint features

Customizable Reporting
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Key features of TalentPrint

  • Employee evaluation forms
  • Career development planning
  • Competency management
  • Goal setting / tracking
  • Performance appraisal
  • Succession planning
  • Training management
  • Custom reports
  • Development plan
  • Talent analysis report
  • Comparison reports
  • Assessment tools
  • Development tools
  • Personalized development guides
  • People analytics tool
  • Identify hidden talent and potential
  • Predict performance issues
  • Prioritize training and development needs
  • Effective deployment
  • Endorsements
  • Pending requests
  • Career challenges
  • Strength communicator
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TalentPrint is a comprehensive people analytics tool for human resources, and provides a valuable source of data for finding and developing talent within the organization.

The solution helps increase engagement within the entire company by transforming the assessment process into a powerful development tool.

TalentPrint's exposed APIs enable developers to easily deploy integrated callback options within web or mobile applications.

TalentPrint helps managers provide employees with targeted advice to boost individual performance and identify development needs.

Employees can identify their own strengths and make them visible to the company, as well as identify the best career opportunities.