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Zoho Recruit use case: Nicole Tellier

Nicole Tellier

Verified Reviewer  
13th of July, 2016
Zoho Recruit for small to medium organisation

I have used Zoho Recruit for more than 5 years as a one desk recruiter, headhunter. I implemented Zoho Recruit in 2 Placement agencies with up to 10 recruiters and help professional firms configured it to optimize the use of the ATS. It does the job for a very affordable cost!! Zoho recruit has the great quality of being completely configurable, but it can be a trap if you don't know how to do it! It's a DIY solution, a great template that needs personnalization The new version brings new features and also seem to respond to bigger and more complex organization.But, Zoho has a tendency to release apps to fast, they are not always stable with limited testing so you become the tester. Still, it is a very affordable solution, the cheapest I found so fare on the market. If your are simple and want an ATS that can do the job for less than $250/ year per license, invest in a configurator that will personalize it for you and with some patience you will enjoy a great ATS completely personalized that will not kill your budget.

What do you like best?

The Standard version is easy to understand and to configure and very affordable. Great for placement agencies as well as small corporate organization .

What do you dislike?

Support can be slow to respond with vague answers or fits it all , type of answer. Some apps not very stable need improvement. "Mobile" for example. No help offer if you need advice on how to personalize it beside the user guide. They will not do it for you.

Why did you end up selecting Zoho Recruit over other applications?

French version access, low price and I'm experienced in personnalizing ATS. I had full autonomy on configuration.

If so, why did you switch?

I used others but not in your repertory such as Taleo, Luceo, CVManager Limited acces to personnalization of the ATS , more corporate and heavy software and costly

Time used

2+ years

Rating breakdown

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