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Applicant Tracking Apps Integrated with Google Docs

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Rippling logo



#1 Global Workforce Management Platform | HR, IT, Finance

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Integrates with Google Docs, Vanta, Xero, …

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Built for Teams logo

Built for Teams


Cloud Based Solution for Time Off Tracking, Org Chart & More

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Integrates with Google Docs, Oracle PeopleSoft, NetSuite, …

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Access PeopleHR logo

Access PeopleHR


Straight-forward cloud-based HR software for SMBs.

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Integrates with Google Docs, Recruitive, Google Workspace, …

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Factorial logo



HR software for small & medium companies

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Integrates with Google Docs, YepCode, deeploi, …

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JobAdder logo



The recruitment CRM and ATS you’ll love to use.

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Integrates with Google Docs, Xero,, …

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QPage logo



Social Sourcing/Recruiting Platform | All-in-One

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Integrates with Google Docs,, Xero, …

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Kissflow logo



The only low-code platform built for multiple personas.

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Integrates with Google Docs, IBM Cloud, Dropbox Business, …

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Jetpack Accreditation Management logo

Jetpack Accreditation Management


Enterprise Accreditation and Assessment Management Platform

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Integrates with Google Docs, Google Forms, Google Charts, …

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Harmony Roze, HCM logo

Harmony Roze, HCM


Easy-to-use tools for HR Actions

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Integrates with Google Docs, Indeed, Twilio, …

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