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  • Published 16 February 2017 by Karen McCandless
    Excel has its uses, but if you want your small business to run smoothly and your staff to turn up to serve your customers, then one of those uses should not be employee and workplace scheduling. Imagine this scenario: it’s St Valentine’s day and you need extra staff to be scheduled to serve your customers … Continue Reading
    Workplace Scheduling: Excel Alternatives to Help You Better Plan Your Shifts
  • Published 30 January 2017 by Karen McCandless
    How happy and healthy are your employees? Do you know? Do you even care? According to a survey by Investors in People, more than half of workers feel their employers do not care about their health and wellbeing, leading many to consider looking for a new job. Apart from the problem of high employee attrition … Continue Reading
    Top Employee Wellness Apps to Improve Worker Wellbeing
  • Published 18 January 2017 by Karen McCandless
    Earlier this January, after almost four months in public preview, Microsoft released StaffHub, a workforce management and shift scheduling app aimed at deskless workers and their managers. According to the company, the software’s target workers include “baristas, hair stylists, waiters, bus drivers, and so on”. The idea is that workers in these kind of industries … Continue Reading
    What Is Microsoft Staffhub and Does My Small Business Need It?
  • Published 19 December 2016 by Karen McCandless
    It’s nearly holiday time! Whether it be Thanksgiving, Christmas, Easter, Independence Day, or some other holiday that you have no clue about its origins (there are many of these for us at GetApp in Barcelona), it’s exciting for employees, but a nightmare for overworked managers who need to think about shift scheduling and planning. If … Continue Reading
    Why Your Business Needs Employee Shift Scheduling Software
  • Published 13 December 2016 by Karen McCandless
    Jane wants next Tuesday off, Bill wants to only work weekends, and John wants to take on some extra hours before the holidays. If you’re one of the organizations still creating your schedules on paper, the mere idea of this scenario will make you feel faint. Even Excel will leave you pulling your hair out. … Continue Reading
    Top Five Employee Scheduling Apps to Help Organize Your Workforce
  • Published 12 December 2016 by Karen McCandless
    Do you remember the 80s? Mobile phones were the size of your head, the pen and paper carried more weight than a computer, and nobody was talking about how Tom Cruise is a crazy Scientologist. Because it seems like that was the last time performance management had an overall. Box ticking exercises, pitting employees up … Continue Reading
    What to Look for When Choosing Performance Management Software: A Handy Checklist to Help You Manage Appraisals
  • Published 7 December 2016 by Karen McCandless
    Millennials want constant performance feedback instead of a yearly review, we’re told by one report. No they don’t, they still prefer annual reviews, along with Gen X-ers and Baby Boomers, says another report. Millennials find performance reviews stressful, but Baby Boomers are comfortable with them. The performance review is broken; oh no, it’s fine just … Continue Reading
    How YOU Doin’? Top Performance Management Tools for Your Small Business
  • Published 23 November 2016 by Karen McCandless
    As your company grows, so does the headache of managing your employees. This could involve a myriad of different activities: scheduling shifts to ensure busy times of year are covered, recording absences, tracking leave, budgeting for salary, and task management to name just a few. If you’ve yet to move your workforce management solution to … Continue Reading
    How to Choose a Workforce Management Solution: A Handy Checklist
  • Published 15 November 2016 by Karen McCandless
    The performance management process is broken. Companies are dropping their performance reviews left, right, and center. Part of this is down to the rise of millennials in the workforce. These people (this writer included) are part of the selfie generation. They want instant likes and feedback, and so having to wait a year before they … Continue Reading
    How to Create an Effective Performance Management Process to Engage Employees
  • Published 14 November 2016 by Matt Mullarkey-Toner
    If you keep track of applications and résumés in a messy folder or have problems with managing job postings across multiple job boards and social media sites, it’s time to take a look at applicant tracking software. An applicant tracking solution (ATS) can be vital for a company that is rapidly expanding from a small … Continue Reading
    Applicant Tracking Software: A Handy Checklist