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  • Published 11 July 2017 by Karen McCandless
    Most people don’t work for a startup or small business for the outstanding compensation package, but everybody needs to eat and expects to be paid the correct amount on time. Excel may be able to do complex calculations, but do you really trust it for something as important as your payroll? Speed, accuracy and complying … Continue Reading
    No More Spreadsheets: Alternatives to Excel for Payroll to Pay Your Workers on Time
  • Published 16 June 2017 by Karen McCandless
    Have you heard of the GDPR? Are you and your company prepared? Do you know how it affects the HR department? The answer is most likely no, as according to a Dell survey, 80 percent of respondents know few details or nothing about the GDPR, and less than a third feel they are prepared today. … Continue Reading
    How HR Software Can Help Your Business Stay Compliant With GDPR
  • Published 10 May 2017 by Karen McCandless
    Do you know the difference between the UK’s Statutory Sick Pay rules and the US’s equivalent (often non existent) law? What about the difference in how overtime is paid in the UK and Canada? Benefits, overtime, payroll, annual leave, compensation management: managing all of these areas is enough of a headache without taking into account … Continue Reading
    Buying Local: Top HR Software for Businesses in the UK
  • Published 25 April 2017 by Anita Babu
    Amazon is going on a major hiring spree: the eCommerce retailer will be recruiting 30,000 new part-time employees across the U.S. in 2017. This includes 5,000 new part-time recruits for remote customer service executives in Amazon’s Virtual Customer Service, and 25,000 jobs in the company’s warehouses across the country. Tom Weiland, vice president for worldwide … Continue Reading
    Taking Lessons From Amazon: How Applicant Tracking Software Can Help With Hiring Part Time Employees
  • Published 20 April 2017 by Karen McCandless
    If the only thing you’re concerned about when it comes to employee retention is the cost, then it’s no surprise that your staff turnover rate is so high. The price of replacing your staff is astronomical, but stopping your employees from marching out that door starts with putting greater importance on what you can do … Continue Reading
    Employee Retention Software: How the Right App Can Reduce Staff Turnover
  • Published 7 April 2017 by Karen McCandless
    With a new government administration, comes a raft of new proposed regulations, and the repealing of old ones. That has been the case with the Trump administration and OSHA regulations. In May 2016, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) introduced the Improve Tracking of Workplace Injuries and Illnesses, which requires companies to electronically submit injury … Continue Reading
    Top HR Apps for Managing OSHA Regulations on Illness and Injury Reporting
  • Published 27 March 2017 by Karen McCandless
    In November 2016, the Obama administration’s new overtime pay rules – which would have raised the salary threshold for exemption from $23,660 to $47,476 – were halted by a federal court decision. However, with a new administration in place, the possible raising of the salary threshold exemption has not gone away. The final decision on … Continue Reading
    Top HR Apps for Managing New US Overtime Pay Rules
  • Published 13 March 2017 by Karen McCandless
    Mobile World Congress 2017 marked an important step in the promotion of reducing the gender gap the tech industry, with the introduction of the Women4Tech program. This program consisted of seminars and hands-on workshops aimed at tackling the issue of gender diversity, and ended with the Women4Tech Summit, which featured insights from female leaders at … Continue Reading
    Top Gender Diversity Apps That Promote Equality in the Workforce
  • Published 8 March 2017 by Deeksha Malik
    Running a business as an absentee owner sounds like an incredible thought. It can conjure up images of relaxing on a beach while someone else does all the work for you. The problem is that the thought rarely translates into reality. There are numerous challenges that can prevent you from efficiently overseeing and managing business from afar. But you … Continue Reading
    Get Outta Here: 10 Tools to Run a Business as an Absentee Owner
  • Published 27 February 2017 by Karen McCandless
    A quick Google search for reasons why people quit their job quickly threw up a shocking amount of questions on community sites from people asking how to quit a job they had just started. Add to that the one-third of respondents in a survey by BambooHR that said they had quit a job within six … Continue Reading
    How to Choose Employee Onboarding Software: A Handy Checklist