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  • Published 14 January 2014 by Stephanie Faris
    Primalogik 360 Review – Easily create employee evaluations  Employee evaluations are an important part of motivating and coaching employees. But the process can be time-consuming and, in the case of 360° feedback, complicated to organize, causing many managers to put off providing employee feedback altogether. With Primalogik 360, both managers and HR have a way to … Continue Reading
  • Published 17 December 2013 by Stephanie Faris
    TrackSmart Review – Free Employee Attendance Tracking Managing employees can be time consuming and frustrating. Many businesses still rely on paper-based processes or spreadsheets to track employee time. But even small firms can make the transition to online employee attendance tracking with TrackSmart, a Web-based solution to help companies manage employee time and attendance. This TrackSmart review looks at … Continue Reading
  • Published 12 December 2013 by Nathan Snelgrove
    Let’s be honest with each other, contact management is a pain. It’s one thing to have difficulty keeping up with all your professional contacts, but it’s a whole other thing to have to try and organize information about all your coworkers. Everybody can relate to this, even high school students at their first job: remember … Continue Reading
  • Published 10 December 2013 by Jonathan Garro Review –  Web tools to help your business perform better When the success of your business depends on the success of your employees, giving them the tools they need becomes a top priority. on Salesforce helps improve the performance of your team through recognition, coaching and feedback. The three tiers of products, known as Motivate, … Continue Reading
  • Published 5 December 2013 by Stephanie Faris
    ScheduleBase Review – Create time sheets and share them with employees electronically At one time, managers scheduled hourly employees using handwritten spreadsheets and a pencil with a hefty eraser. Workers were forced to either call in to find out their hours or drive to the location to see the schedule. While some businesses still cling … Continue Reading
  • Published 12 November 2013 by Stephanie Faris
    Cezanne OnDemand – Full-service HR Automation for all Businesses Managing performance and tracking leave for employees can be a challenge for mid and smaller-sized businesses – especially those that operate on an international basis and don’t have the deep pockets and added HR resources of larger businesses. Cezanne OnDemand is a cloud HR system that offers leave … Continue Reading
    Cezanne OnDemand Review – Manage Employees in the Cloud
  • Published 7 November 2013 by Jonathan Garro
    Wagepoint Pay Review – Online payroll accessible to businesses of all size in Canada Running your business requires the help of your dedicated employees, so ensuring that they get paid on time is tremendously important. However, navigating the complex world of payroll procedure becomes increasingly difficult as your business grows and tax law becomes more … Continue Reading
    Wagepoint Pay Review – Online Payroll Software
  • Published 30 October 2013 by Stephanie Faris
    Intuit Online Payroll Review – taking the pain out of processing payroll When most people hear “Intuit,” they think of tax time. Both individuals and businesses are familiar with the company’s TurboTax do-it-yourself tax preparation software. So it should be no surprise that the company’s new online payroll software is designed to make things easier … Continue Reading
  • Published 29 August 2013 by Rakesh Sharma
    In its scope and execution, talent management is a complicated activity. Online solutions are rarely able to capture the complexity of this activity because they are focused on building and executing just one part of the process. This week, we will look at a solution that takes a holistic perspective of talent management. We will review … Continue Reading
    Halogen Talent Management Suite Review – a Holistic Solution
  • Published 4 June 2013 by Rakesh Sharma
    With its assortment of forms and calculations, payroll processing and taxes are a headache for most businesses. They distract from the main business. Excel sheets can help but are messy and unwieldy. Tax software is expensive and aimed at large corporations. This week, we will review ZenPayroll – an affordable payroll and tax management solution for small … Continue Reading