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Simply put, HireMojo is the best and easiest way I've ever made a hire. The craziest part about HireMojo is the realization that I had been doing things wrong for so long, and wasting countless hours that I didn't need to. HireMojo helps you automate the entire hiring process from start to finish, and it begins with the job description. I used to think that it wasn't such a pain to write my own description, but after seeing HireMojo's database and seeing descriptions backed by metrics, I realized I had been doing things all wrong. Why write your own when you can preview the ones that have been most successful in landing a hire in the fastest amount of time and then customize to meet your needs. The other big things were the online interviewing and automatic scoring. I cannot tell you how much easier this made it to make a hire. I knew immediately who the best-fit candidates were, and was able to bring in the best talent way faster than I expected. The third big thing was the included smart job marketing. Other providers like Smartrecruiters and ZipRecruiter charge you up front to use their platform, and then charge you additional fees to post your job on the networks that bring you candidates. HireMojo was completely transparent with their pricing and literally does everything they can to make sure you get the most qualified candidates possible, and their included job marketing goes out to all the premium boards that really matter. All in all, HireMojo is the best kept secret in the hiring world. They offer the best price-to-performance and unlike other services they truly care about you making a hire, and they don't nickel and dime you along the way.

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