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What is Achiiva?

Achiiva is a cloud-based coaching platform which allows coaches to engage with their clients in real-time, and includes native apps for Android and iOS. The system is used by coaches, trainers, mentors, and managers, and allows users to manage coaching and private goals concurrently.

Achiiva allows users to capture coaching data, track client progress, and drive accountability with its built-in tools. Clients and coaches can brainstorm goals and actions, and reorder goal steps by dragging-and-dropping them up or down the list. The dashboard gives users a snapshot of their clients’ progress, with real-time updates, and multiple coaching wheels can be created to measure client progress towards key outcomes. Clients can check in at any time, and capture their thoughts, feelings, or actions in personal journals. When changes are made by the coach or client, notifications are automatically generated to keep all users informed.

With Achiiva, coaches can set up a coaching channel, and use this to share motivational, educational, or other information with different clients or groups. Posts can be published immediately or scheduled for later. Communication between clients and coaches is facilitated by in-app messaging, and all messages are stored in a client audit trail.


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Achiiva screenshot: Shared and private goals can be created and trackedWhat is Achiiva Coaching App?Achiiva screenshot: Multiple coaching wheels can be created to track progress towards key outcomesAchiiva screenshot: The journal allows clients to record observations, learnings, and reflectionsAchiiva screenshot: Coaches can set up a personal coaching channel to share information with clientsAchiiva screenshot: The dashboard gives coaches a snapshot view of their clients' progress

Achiiva reviews


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Bruce Williams

Achiiva is a game-changer

Used daily for 1-2 years
Reviewed 2016-09-13
Review Source: Capterra

Achiiva is aptly named because that's what it produces ' achievers. This unique fusion of 24/7 mobile accountability and communication tools has taken my coaching to a whole new level. The boost to productivity for myself and my clients has been extraordinary.

- Holistic approach to coaching - not just goals and actions, but integrated reflection, learning and emotional intelligence. - Mobility. Coaching conversations in the palm of my hand, wherever, whenever. - immediacy. I always know how my clients are tracking, as well as what they're thinking and feeling - Connection. Deeper relationships formed quickly and effortlessly. - Quality control. Two-way accountability (client and coach) and great way to assess potential clients before committing time and resources - Reporting. Quality performance data that helps refine and improve my business practice

That I didn't have this available 10 years ago! Would have saved myself so much time, energy and money.

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John Carter

ACHIIVA Supercharges My Coaching

Reviewed 2017-03-08
Review Source: Capterra

I am a personal development and corporate productivity coach. I've been using ACHIIVA for about 3 months and can report that the level of engagement with my clients has improved significantly. The messaging and journalling features allow for rapid and frequent feedback with the client, improving accountability on both our parts. I consider it a key basic concept of my coaching to build better conversations with my clients and for them, in their workplaces. I suppose I could say that ACHIIVA builds strong habits for clear conversations. I recommend ACHIIVA withouyt reservation.

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Achiiva pricing

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21-day free trial available.
Pricing is based on the number of clients to be managed.
Up to 5 clients: A$17.99/month.
Up to 10 clients: A$34.99/month.
Up to 20 clients: A$69.99/month.
Up to 30 clients: A$103.99/month.
Up to 50 clients: A$169.99/month.

Achiiva features

Activity Dashboard

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Key features of Achiiva

  • Real-time dashboard
  • Real-time updates
  • Progress tracking
  • Goal setting & tracking
  • Private & shared goals
  • Client check-ins
  • Coaching wheels
  • Journaling
  • Client messaging
  • In-app messaging
  • Audit trail
  • Personal coaching channel
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The real-time dashboard allows coaches to view progress updates and drive accountability.

Private and shared goals can be created and tracked, with users able to brainstorm goal steps and rearrange step order through the drag-and-drop interface.

Progress can be visualized and measured across multiple coaching wheels, and coaches can view clients’ progress check-ins.

Coaches can set up their own coaching channel to share relevant motivational, educational, or other information with different clients or groups.

In-app messaging facilitates communication between coaches and clients, with full message histories stored in an audit trail.