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Enhanced iMIS software for non-profits & associations

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AMPAC Pricing, Features, Reviews and Alternatives

AMPAC product overview

What is AMPAC?

AMPAC is a complete iMIS software designed for non-profits and associations, with tools for membership management, meeting planning, Call for Papers management, and appointment scheduling. The modular-based system aims to provide a full engagement management system for member relations. Businesses and non-profits can choose between the full iMIS solution with pre-integrated AMPAC modules, or select specific AMPAC modules to integrate with their existing iMIS application.

Key benefits of using AMPAC

  • Manage both individual and organization memberships within AMPAC, and benefit from membership tools such as dues billing, membership code review, member records, invoices, payment processing, and more.

  • Organize and schedule meetings, and control the registration process for every event. With AMPAC, businesses can organize events such as tours and charity events, and create badges and tickets for attendees.

  • Set up Call for Papers for presentation topics and presenters when planning events, and review and approve candidates as their submissions come in. Conference sessions can be setup based on approved presentations.

  • Send reminders via email to members regarding events, for those who don’t respond to the initial invitation, in order to improve participation based on the number of available spaces.

  • Gain insight into organizational and team performance with automatically produced dashboards and reports on membership figures, accounting, dues, and more.
  • Typical customers

    Small businesses
    Mid size businesses
    Large enterprises

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    Phone Support
    Email/Help Desk

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    Live Online

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    Invoice Management
    Electronic Payments
    Customizable Templates
    Member Communities
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    Committee Management

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    • Likelihood to recommend9/10

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    Response times when assistance is needed is always very quick.

    Reviewed 5 years ago

    By using the AMPAC system, we have been able to streamline the registration and payment process for our chapter events, which was once managed manually.


    The system is a little overwhelming and seems much more robust than what we use it for. For setting up more complex meetings (such as our golf tournament), the site is sometimes confusing. Additionally, it appears that when I put the "end date" in the meeting setup, it actually doesn't allow you to login in through the registration link on that date so I have to then go back in and move the date by 1 day - often times we have people pay by CC the day of the event so the ability to access the registration link and collect payment is important.

    Overall Rating
    • Value for money
    • Ease of use
    • Features
    • Customer support
    • Likelihood to recommend7/10

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    I use the software on a monthly basis and it always runs well

    Reviewed 5 years ago

    Allows our chapter to accept credit card payments, register members for meetings and send out notices tothem.


    Once you get the hang of it, one can move quickly thru the necessary screens. Reports are easy to export to Excel.


    It is not intuitive and is more textual/forms based vs. graphics/drag-drop. The initial load time when going to a report can take longer than it should, but if I have to sign back in later that day it then moves quickly.

    AMPAC FAQs and common questions

    Q. What type of pricing plans does AMPAC offer?

    AMPAC has the following pricing plans:
    Pricing model: Free, Subscription
    Free Trial: Available

    Q. Who are the typical users of AMPAC?

    AMPAC has the following typical customers:
    Mid Size Business, Non Profit, Small Business

    Q. What languages does AMPAC support?

    AMPAC supports the following languages:

    Q. Does AMPAC offer an API?

    Yes, AMPAC has an API available for use.

    Q. What other apps does AMPAC integrate with?

    AMPAC integrates with the following applications:
    QuickBooks Online Advanced

    Q. What level of support does AMPAC offer?

    AMPAC offers the following support options:
    Phone Support, Email/Help Desk, Chat

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