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Checkmybooks overview

Checkmybooks collates clients’ records and automatically checks through the data to assist accountants in end-of-year corrections. Clients are sent emails directly from Checkmybooks, branded with the user’s practice logo, with an upload link to enable direct transfer of their data from Xero, Sage or QuickBooks.

Checkmybooks inspects every transaction to find patterns and inconsistencies, then notifies users when an exception report has been completed, highlighting any areas which require investigation. Users can drill down from any account balance to view the underlying transactions, and make adjustments to accounts where necessary, with automatic double entry. Checkmybooks creates a full audit trail for all changes, including time stamps and any comments added.

When all corrections are completed, Checkmybooks produces a branded feedback report for the client, detailing the adjustments made, which is accompanied by a file of the corrected figures for import into the client’s accounting software, enabling them to start the new year with accurate financial figures.


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Checkmybooks screenshot: Checkmybooks automatically creates review points without the need for manual data inspectionCheckmybooks Quick IntroductionCheckmybooks screenshot: Checkmybooks notifies users by email when it has reviewed client data and created an exceptions reportCheckmybooks screenshot: Users can drill down to see individual transaction information in Checkmybooks' financial reportsCheckmybooks screenshot: Checkmybooks tracks how many adjustments have been made and their affect on profit

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Checkmybooks pricing

Starting from
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Free trial

14-day free trial, no credit card required.

Users require one credit per end-of-year job they wish to process.
Prices start at £60 per credit, with discounts for bulk purchases.

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Checkmybooks features

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Additional information for Checkmybooks

Key features of Checkmybooks

  • Automatically emails clients
  • Email notifications
  • Automated double entry
  • Exception reporting
  • Full audit trail
  • Individual transactions
  • Automatic report generation
  • Customizable branding
  • Adjusted figure export
  • Profit impact tracking
  • Timestamps
  • Drill-down reporting
  • Accounting software integrations
  • Trial balance export


Checkmybooks automatically emails clients directly from users with practice-branded emails, asking them to upload their financial data via an included direct upload link

Users are notified by email when data has been uploaded and reviewed by Checkmybooks

Checkmybooks generates exceptions reports, giving users a list of review points on which to focus, without the need for users to manually inspect all of the uploaded data

Checkmybooks creates a full audit trail for all adjustments, including explanatory notes added, time stamps and manager’s name

When adjustments are finalised, Checkmybooks produces an editable, branded feedback report for sending to clients, explaining all of the adjustments made

Adjusted figures are collated into a single file for clients to import into their bookkeeping software, ensuring they have accurate figures to start the next year