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Contractor WorkZone

Construction and project management for small businesses

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Contractor WorkZone overview

Contractor WorkZone is a cloud-based construction project management tool that assists contractors with process automation and collaboration. Its key features include estimating, invoicing, quotations, order management, tender requests, site diaries, incident reporting, and meeting notes.

The application comes with a document management module which allows users to share project reports with teams and define the scope of work. Managers can use Contractor WorkZone to monitor work status, send out instructions and track incidents. A site diary feature enables users to track work hours and maintain payroll. A centralized location lets project and construction managers access tasks from the homepage and create workflows.

Contractor WorkZone allows team members to add a company logo and customize application settings as per their requirements. A search tool helps staff members look for products, projects and additional information. The solution comes with a mobile application which can be used to edit product lists, add users and file exports. It is primarily used by companies engaged in construction, electrical, plumbing, landscaping, roofing, HVAC, remodelling and related trades.


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United States, Australia, Brazil, Canada, Europe and 3 other markets, Latin America, Mexico, United Kingdom

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English, Spanish
Contractor WorkZone screenshot: The mobile application taskbar displays a list of actions Trimble Contractor WorkZone Business AppContractor WorkZone screenshot: Users can customize the mobile taskbar as per their workflow requirementsContractor WorkZone screenshot: The request for information module lets users collaborate on projects

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Contractor WorkZone pricing

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SOLO : $9.99 per month
CREW: $29.99 per month
BUSINESS: $69.99 per month
HEAVY DUTY: $129.99 per month

Contractor WorkZone features

Billing & Invoicing
Invoice Management

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Additional information for Contractor WorkZone

Key features of Contractor WorkZone

  • Construction Management
  • Electronic Signature
  • Meeting Notes
  • Project Sharing
  • Quotes / Estimates
  • RFI
  • RFP
  • Site Diaries
  • Site Instructions
  • Subcontractor Agreement
  • Tender Requests
  • Time Tracking
  • Toolbox Talks
  • Work Diaries
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• Contractor WorkZone allows users to customize application settings and choose a pricing plan based on their usage.

• Managers can use Contractor WorkZone to prepare and distribute project related PDF reports.

• Contractor WorkZone enables project managers to use a mobile application for communicating with stakeholders and subcontractors, and reduces the need for paperwork.

• The application lets teams add unlimited users at no additional cost as defined by subscription levels.

• Users can manage their workflow by changing the order of icons on the mobile application's taskbar.