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Igea HHC

All-in-one home health billing and mangement software

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Igea HHC overview

What is Igea HHC?

Igea Home Health Software is an all-in-one home health management and billing solution exclusively designed for home care agencies of all sizes. The fully-integrated system was built to help home health agencies grow, as well as maximize their efficiency.

Because Igea HHC is web-based, caregivers can easily communicate with other clinicians and insurers on-the-go, using any mobile device such as an iPad or tablet.

The Igea home health billing solution offers features for various core business needs that are highly flexible, customizable, and allow for a completely paperless workflow. Those features include billing and invoicing, scheduling and time management, eligibility and claims, compliant communications and customizable reporting.

Igea Software also includes the following integrated modules for managing specific agency functions:

Point of Care
Form Designer
MD Portal
Electronic Medical Records
Electronic Billing


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Igea HHC screenshot: Igea HHC provides reporting templates as well as customizable form options for branding and personalizing reports.Igea Home Health Management SoftwareIgea HHC screenshot: Igea HHC users can monitor time in and time out, and view reports to ensure patients receive punctual and comprehensive care.

Igea HHC reviews

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Amy Scott

Reviewed 2013-10-10
Review Source: Software Advice

The Home Health Care company that I work for is unique. The insurance we work with is not mainstream, so when we started looking into switching to a database we had a lot of trouble finding one that could handle our insurance and reporting requirements. We started off with a different company. While they were selling their program to us, they were very attentive and seemed willing to help us figure out how to tweak their software to fit our needs. However, that all changed once we signed our name on the dotted line. Their technical support either would not return my call or could not understand my situation, so I couldn't receive and help from them. When I attempted to contact the marketing agent for additional help, he would never return my call. One of our sister companies found IGEA and asked that I attend a demo with the thought that we might switch companies. I have to say that, going into that demo, I was not hopeful that it would be any different. Needless to say, when Eileen called for our appointment, I had a bit of an attitude. That changed almost immediately. The layout of IGEA was so smooth and easy to follow. Everything needed was right there. As she progressed with her demo, I was more and more impressed. Everything was easier than the other system, and when she showed me their scheduling, I was sold! Since we have signed on the bottom line, my marketing agent has called and emailed several time to make sure everything is going well. She has returned all my calls, even while traveling. On several occasions, she has taken the time out of her busy schedule to walk me through any and all problems, and she doesn’t get off the line with me until I understand how to precede. When I have contacted IGEA’s technical support department, I have gotten a response within a couple of hours. They are helpful and stay with me until either I understand or we work out my issue. It has been wonderful working with such attentive and helpful staff. My company covers a four-state region, which led to some additional coordinating when it came to scheduling our training sessions. IGEA was helpful and accommodating. Because of that, the training was easy for everyone to attend. Our trainer is great! She has been very thorough and makes sure we all understand everything before she moves on to the next section. I couldn’t have asked for better. Over all our experience with IGEA has been wonderful and I would be pleased to recommend them to anyone looking to move into the EMR world.

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Derrick Tipton

Igea is good, but others are better

Used daily for 2+ years
Reviewed 2018-11-01
Review Source: Capterra

I use Igea for PT notes and it's fine..... It's just not the best one!

I like how it forwards information from my previous note, onto the one that I'm currently working on.

1)EMR screen can get cluttered when you have multiple disciplines working with a pt. and can become difficult to follow if you want to focus on just one discipline. 2)If you work for multiple companies you have to have multiple email addresses to use for each company. 3)You have to save and close your note if you need to look back at evaluation . I've used Kinnser, Axxess and Therapy Boss also...These softwares are more therapist friendly and less time consuming that Igea.

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Likelihood to recommend: 4/10

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Ekaterina Barnard

I wouldn't recommend it to any business

Used daily for less than 6 months
Reviewed 2019-11-21
Review Source: Capterra

I like it in the beginning. Before they sold me the product, the communication with them was pretty easy. Also, if you are your company's administrator it's easy to add users.

Poor Customer service. You have to wait until customer service rep calls you. The sales rep told me originally it is month to month service with non-recurring fee. Be aware! This is misleading! On contract there's a paragraph written with very small font that there's recurring fee for 1.5 years and it is being continued automatically if you don't cancel it 90 days before the 1.5 period! Please, be aware of it! That bad practice will not make America great again, it only create a huge WALL between the software company and users! I wish I should have learned that earlier.

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Likelihood to recommend: 0/10

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Eric Smith

Igea Home Health software allowed us to get our company off the ground and running!

Reviewed 2015-06-17
Review Source: Capterra

We utilized Igea software from the very first day that we began our company. The functionality and oversight that the software allowed for us from an administrative and daily operations standpoint enabled us to operate at such a streamlined efficiency that surprised even us! I knew we were in good hands when I was able to work with the sales department and saw first hand the amount of time that they took not just to explain to me how their software worked, but that they showed a genuine interest in actually learning about my company and the direction we were wanting to go and understanding how Igea could come along side us and provide us the best platform possible to be successful in our given industry. A true benchmark of a successful company is that they are always engaged in the process of improvement. The amount of revisions and updates I've seen from Igea since we started with them gives me great confidence in knowing that they desire to be on the leading edge of my industry and that they take seriously my thoughts, concerns and needs for how we need the software to better work for us as we continue to grow and expand. To know that my voice is not only heard but is valued is worth its weight in gold. I am thankful that I am able to partner with a team like Igea in bettering my business model and ultimately providing a better service and product to our clients.

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DeAnna Willett

I love Igea

Reviewed 2013-12-21
Review Source: Software Advice

I love Igea. I found out about Igea from Google while doing some research when I first started my company in 2009. When I spoke to other agencies and users of medical software, they encouraged me to go with a company that has a good customer support system. I chose Igea because they are always available for questions and concerns. Igea is the only software company I have utilized, and I'm glad I made that decision. They always have the latest updates and are constantly trying new ways to improve and make the software user-friendly. There are so many features in Igea, we are still exploring them all! I highly recommended this product for three reasons: 1) great customer service, 2) user-friendly, and 3) always updating the software to make it even better than it already is!

There is no feature or functionality that I don't like about Igea.

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Likelihood to recommend: 10/10

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Igea Software offers personalized pricing for small to large agencies.

Igea HHC features

Activity Dashboard
Activity Tracking
Billing & Invoicing
Customizable Reporting
Invoice Management

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Accounting Integration (103 other apps)
Automatic Notifications (139 other apps)
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Additional information for Igea HHC

Key features of Igea HHC

  • Billing and collecting payments
  • Dashboard
  • Pre-billing
  • Create and save draft bills
  • Chart audit capabilities
  • Investigate claim denial patterns
  • Scheduling and time management
  • Real-time information
  • Electronic Visit Verification (EVV) via phone or GPS
  • Monitor time in and time out
  • View reports
  • Adjust schedules in real-time
  • Direct connection to FISS
  • Eligibility and claims management
  • Manage ERAs and ERNs
  • Track acknowledgements and rejections
  • Submit invoices for RAPs and financial claims
  • Medicare solutions
  • Secure and compliant communications
  • Secure email and records exchange
  • Electronic Medical Records (EMR) integration
  • Point-of-care updates
  • Shareable EMRs
  • Customizable reporting
  • Reporting templates
  • Customizable forms (forms designer)
  • Branding
  • Monitor agency & patient status
  • HIPPA compliant
  • Permission-based roles
  • OASIS management integration
  • Payroll and billing integration
  • Orders / POC 485 Forms integration
  • Plan of care
  • Point of care
  • PPS Calculator
  • HHRG Analysis
  • Scheduling
  • HETS eligibility checks
  • Drug interaction database
  • Electronic signature
  • Medication database
  • On-site employee tracking
  • Patient intake
  • Time / task reporting
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Users can work with Igea and monitor agency and patient status from any device, including desktop computers, iPads, and Android devices.

Igea HHC users can record electronic medical record (EMR) information and share it immediately with authorized providers, payers, agency personnel, and caregivers.

The MD Portal enables users to send and receive patient records without compromising PHI, as well as send emails via Igea HHC's HIPAA regulated iMail feature.

Users can bill Medicare and all other insurance companies directly via Igea HHC, as well as create and save draft bills.

Igea HHC is completely cloud-based, so the software will always be up-to-date with the latest version.