MotiveWave Features List


Analyze. Trade. Evolve.

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MotiveWave Feature Summary

  • Easy-to-use Charts with Advanced Features
  • All Elliott Wave Patterns and Degrees Supported
  • Trade Directly from the Charts
  • All Elliott Wave Theory Rules and Guidelines are Enforced
  • Trade from DOM, Quotesheets, Buy/Sell Boxes, Trade Panel
  • All Elliott Wave Labeling Automatically Added For You
  • Java SDK for Custom Studies, Indicators, Strategy Creation
  • Manual Elliott Wave, Auto Elliott Wave, Elliott Wave Scanner
  • Strategy Backtesting
  • Decompose Wave Formations to Any Level
  • Strategy Optimization (exhaustive and genetic)
  • Combine Fibonacci Ratio Analysis with Elliott Wave Analysis
  • Strategy Walk Forward Testing
  • Support for Advanced Fibonacci, Gann, Gartley
  • Strategy Backtesting Reporting
  • Over 250 Different Studies/Strategies Built In
  • Replay Mode
  • Linear Regression, Forks, Channels, Commentary Tools & More
  • Supports Multiple Brokers and Data Service Providers
  • Native Multiple Monitor Support

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