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Panalitix overview

Panalitix is a financial planning, monitoring and business advisory tool for accountants, which allows users to monitor all of their clients’ performance and financial status on one dashboard, in real time. Users can customize the information they want to view, as well as the frequency of any email updates.

Integrations with cloud accounting applications, such as Xero and QuickBooks, enable automatic data sync, providing users with up-to-date figures, and allowing users to monitor clients’ KPI performance in real time. Panalitix alerts users of any KPI performance which has dropped below a preset threshold, enabling users to contact their clients flagging the issue, to arrange a meeting or propose corrective actions.


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Panalitix screenshot: Panalitix integrates with multiple cloud accounting applications for automated data sync, but also allows manual data importPANALITIX Overview: Business Advisory Software for AccountantsPanalitix screenshot: The Panalitix firm dashboard allows users to track the performance of all their clients in one placePanalitix screenshot: Panalitix's client dashboard includes both monthly and year-to-date reviewsPanalitix screenshot: Panalitix users can view trend analysis graphs for each of their clients' businessesPanalitix screenshot: The Panalitix client dashboard includes advice for users, including suggested comments to make to clientsPanalitix screenshot: Panalitix uses color coded charts to allow users to view clients' performance at a glance

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Panalitix features

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Additional information for Panalitix

Key features of Panalitix

  • Real-time KPI monitoring
  • KPI alerts
  • Email alerts
  • Consolidated dashboard
  • Data auto-sync
  • Manual data entry support
  • Three-way rolling cashflow forecast
  • Forecast monitoring
  • Growth equations
  • Financial review
  • Performance summary
  • Trend analysis dashboard
  • Online video training
  • Customizable branding
  • Forecast creation tool
  • TRUST web app
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All client information consolidated onto a single dashboard, regardless of what accounting software they are using

Client alert emails can be sent to users as frequently as desired, informing them of how clients are tracking on their KPIs without the need to check the dashboard

Automated alerts inform users when KPI results drop below preset values

Integrations with Xero, QuickBooks and MYOB allow data to auto-sync, giving up-to-date information on how clients’ businesses are performing. For clients without cloud-based accounting software, users can still manually import data for use in reporting and forecasting

The Panalitix TRUST web app integrates with users’ websites, and produces reports outlining current business position with automatically generated recommendations - based on information provided by clients or prospective clients in the online assessment - allowing users to create an implementation plan to achieve the client’s objectives