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NEC-compliant electrical engineering software for buildings

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PowerCalc overview

What is PowerCalc?

PowerCalc is a cloud-based, NEC-compliant electrical engineering solution that offers standardized design processes, multi-location access, workflow optimization tools, and more. The platform includes a proprietary database with over 7 million equations to automatically calculate all electrical engineering values.

PowerCalc enables the automatic generation of single line/one-line diagrams throughout the circuit design process. Values calculated automatically from PowerCalc's database are visualized in real-time on the diagram. Load is aggregated from the circuit to the building's service entrance for exacting results. PowerCalc also automates the generation of panels in real time, including main distribution panels, branch circuit panel boards, and building equipment schedules.

PowerCalc's automatic calculation functionality ensures that all upstream and downstream changes are recalculated instantly. From three inputs, the electrical load, type of load, and circuit breaker number of poles, PowerCalc calculates more than 300 NEC-compliant outputs. When necessary, users can also manually override inputs/outputs to meet design and job requirements.


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PowerCalc pricing

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PowerCalc offers 3 subscription levels based on the scale of the electrical design projects being managed.
A free trial of all plans is available with no credit card required.
Core - for residential, small commercial, retail, restaurants: $69.95/user/month.
Pro - for commercial, low-mid rise, shopping centers, government, office headquarters: $89.95/user/month.
Pro Plus - for commercial, high rise, industrial shopping malls, institutional, educational, health: $99.95/user/month.
Discounts are available for volume purchases and annual prepayment.

PowerCalc features

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Key features of PowerCalc

  • CAD Tools
  • Drag & Drop
  • Electrical Parts Catalog
  • Functions / Calculations
  • One Line Diagram
  • PLC Tools
  • Reusable Designs
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