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Towing dispatch software with mobile and GPS integration

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TrackerX overview

TrackerX by Tracker Management Systems is a business management and dispatch software for the towing and wrecking industries. The system includes status tracking, location tracking, dispatching, invoicing, payment processing, document management, and reporting capabilities.

Users can view all calls and trucks on a map display through Tracker, with information on the location, type, and status of trucks and calls in a single screen. With support for touchscreen monitors, calls can be assigned to trucks by touching the call icon, followed by the icon for the truck to be assigned. Call information is then automatically sent to the assigned driver through their GPS or communication unit, allowing the driver to accept the call with a single button, and once the call is accepted, routing information is automatically displayed.

The associated iOS app, Tracker Mobile, enables drivers to input ticket numbers, edit truck information, scan vehicle identification numbers (VINs) and immediately verify them, take photos of vehicles or damage, capture customer signatures for property release, and process credit card payments. Drivers can update call statuses for dispatchers to view, and location information is continuously recorded by the app, enabling dispatchers to verify driver locations at each stage of the process. Tracker also integrates with mounted truck printers, allowing drivers to print necessary documentation in the field.


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TrackerX screenshot: TrackerX includes an iOS app for driversTrackerX screenshot: Drivers can update the call status from within Tracker's appTrackerX screenshot: Customer signatures can be captured through the Tracker mobile appTrackerX screenshot: TrackerX allows users to process credit card payments in the fieldTrackerX screenshot: Drivers can enter ticket numbers, edit truck information, scan and verify VINs, and more with TrackerXTrackerX screenshot: TrackerX integrates with GPS units to send drivers their assigned calls while they are on the road, and provide route information automaticallyTrackerX screenshot: Users can track truck statuses and locations, and assign calls on a touchscreen map with TrackerX

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TrackerX features

Document Storage
Invoice Management

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Additional information for TrackerX

Key features of TrackerX

  • QuickBooks integration
  • Truck locations and statuses
  • GPS unit integration
  • VIN scanning
  • Credit card integration
  • Lot management
  • Automated auction processing
  • Dispatch management
  • Truck assignment
  • Vehicle and damage photos
  • Driver mobile app
  • Truck printer integration
  • Reporting
  • Email invoices
  • Credit card processing in the field
  • Google Maps directions
  • Real-time VIN verification
  • Route optimization
  • Document management
  • Signature capture
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Users can view call and truck types, locations, and statuses in a single screen, assign trucks to calls, and view all truck and call icons on a map.

Call information is sent to assigned drivers automatically through their GPS or communication units, with routing information displayed when the driver accepts the call.

The driver mobile app enables users to enter ticket numbers, edit truck information, scan and verify VINs (vehicle identification numbers), process credit card payments, capture customer signatures, and take photos of vehicles or damage.

Users can scan documents and store digital copies, associated with ticket numbers to allow for straightforward searching.

The system integrates with truck-mounted printers, allowing users to print documents outside of the office.