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Phone system for support and sales teams

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Aircall use case: Jorj Delvir Maceda

Jorj Delvir Maceda

Verified Reviewer  
29th of November, 2016
Excellent phone system

Excellent phone system. Very easy to use and compared to other phone systems I tried in the past, they have above average call quality and connection. Excellent customer support team and their sales team really eases the transition from one system to another. I find them very organised and easy to speak with

What do you like best?

- Excellent voice quality - Simple and easy to use - Excellent customer service - Cheaper pricing compared to other overrated phone systems - Reasonable call rates

What do you dislike?

- No conferencing / meeting ID number feature yet

Why did you end up selecting Aircall over other applications?

Aircall has excellent customer services from sales to implementation Easier access And most importantly, voice quality was better than everything else I tried

If so, why did you switch?

Due to poor call / voice quality

What is your main use case with Aircall?

We use it for client calls

Give one example how Aircall has improved the way your organization functions

We are able to make sales calls and client support calls smooth since we started using it. Mostly are international clients and since Aircall has good quality calls, we are able to do this seamlessly

What is your ROI?

Right now we dont have a computation yet but so far, we are almost getting 100%

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Loved it the first time i tried the product

Time used

Less than 6 months

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