Aircall Tutorials - Activity feed, filters & contacts


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Aircall Tutorials - Activity feed, filters & contacts

Video Transcript

Speakers in this video: Jimmy (GetApp) and Tania (Aircall)

Tania: Speaker 1: This is the activity feed. It's kind of your call log on your phone, for example. Then you have your contacts over here. You can type one or search one. This is the calling menu. This is where if you can make phone calls. You have your settings over here. You can change your settings according to your preferences or according to the season you're in or your business day. Then you have your availability over here. You can switch it according to what you want. Right now I'm unavailable because I don't want to have phone calls coming in while we're talking together. This is the menu. Should we start with the activity perhaps?

Jimmy: Speaker 2: Yeah. Sounds good.

Tania: Speaker 1: Okay. This is basically the list of all the calls that were made on our different phone numbers and by all our team. For example, you can see here, there's a missed call on our French number. There was one person who called the UK office. You can see all the people, Leo, Patrick. Basically, if you go down you will see every call that was made this morning but you can go as far as you want. This enables you to know and track if someone already took a call. You can let them know someone called again or transfer the call directly to them. That helps enhance productivity.

Over here you have your inbox which is basically a filter on all your missed calls and your voice mails. You know what needs to be catched up on. You can also have also people who assign you phone calls, that will appear here. For example, Chalom assigned me a call from a customer, left me a comment. Basically that's something that I have to put on my to do list and be, okay, I have to call them back or send them an email or follow up on this. This is very useful and once you're done you can archive the call like this and it's done.

You don't have to think about it anymore. You can also filter the calls. For examples if you want to look at the calls, let's say from yesterday for instance and I was wondering how many calls were taken by -- on all our numbers but -- or all teammates and I can apply and then I'll have a custom view or what happened yesterday. That's also useful if you're searching for certain phone calls or if you want to have this kind of view. Basically that's the activity feed.

The other thing that's really important of course is your contacts. All your contacts are on your app. You can search for them. For example, if I search for Aircall, I'll see my team appear over here. I can call anyone I want but you can also have your team here which is also available. You can make in app calls anywhere you want in the world. It will just go through the app. This is your contact and you can synch them with Google. For example, you can import all your contacts so you don't have to create them manually of course.