Aircall Tutorials - Creating & configuring a new phone number


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Aircall Tutorials - Creating & configuring a new phone number

Video Transcript

Speakers in this video: Jimmy (GetApp) and Tania (Aircall)

Tania: Speaker 1: This is the dashboard over here. Basically on the left you have your phone numbers there. On the right you have your users like this. In the middle you have four different menus that's called, team, numbers, analytics and configuration. All of them enables you to manage your account according to what you're looking for.

The first thing, maybe it's to see how to create a phone number which is over here. To add a new number, you just click on it. You give it a name. You choose a country. We can add one together. Let's say, 'GetApp Phone Number,' like this. Let's say we want it from the United States. I want a toll free number, for instance. I can choose the area code I want. Then I can create the number. Instantly it will be created. It will appear on my dashboard and I can start configurating it. This is done. The phone number is created. It's really as simple as that to create a new phone number.

I can give it a name if I want which I already did. I can manage the opening ours. I can decide whether I want it to be always open or if I want to give it special opening hours. Let's say for instance I want Monday to Friday, the phone number will be open. Let's say from seven to eight at night. All the calls will be able to get through to people assigned to this phone number during those times. If a call comes in outside, it will directly be -- they will directly hear the absence message which will inform them of these hours and ask them to leave a message or a call back.

The call distribution is what enables you to manage how you want your phone numbers to manage phone calls. You can add people -- I'm just going to switch it here. You can add different people to the phone numbers. Let's say I want to add some of my teammates over here. I can decide what type of redirection I want.

Right now it's in the sequence of this order. It's what we call a call casketing system. When a call comes in the first person who will take the call would be myself and if I don't answer it will go to Jonathan and then Bruno and then Clement if no one answers. Let's say for example I'm already on a call, then the call will directly go to Jonathan. It's smart [inaudible 00:02:54] that enables you to assign calls as effectively as possible according to the system that you chose.

You can also decide here that you want all the teammates to be called simultaneously. All the phones will ring and as soon as someone picks up the others will stop. Then he will be able to take the call. That's another option. You can also decide to have a more equitable system which is you have to call casketing system at the beginning but as soon as someone takes a call, he'll go down to the bottom of the list. This way everybody takes about the same amount of phone calls which is more fair for some people. This is the call distribution but you can also set up IVRs.