Aircall Tutorials - Importing contacts & adding users


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Aircall Tutorials - Importing contacts & adding users

Video Transcript

Speakers in this video: Jimmy (GetApp) and Tania (Aircall)

Tania: The contacts you can import in directly from the application. Which was over here when you go in your settings and you import your contacts from Google. You can also give us an MP3 file -- a CSV file, sorry, and we'll do it for you. Then we'll have the two-way synch with Google and ... that will be set into place in a few weeks. You won't even have to think about it anymore. It will be automatic. Over here when you click on it you have the four menus we talked about.

The first one is team. You can invite a teammate over here. Basically you only have to have the first name, last name and email address. You can decide right away which number you want him to be associated to and whether this user will be an admin or not. Then that's it. You create it and he will be added to the team.

You can see over here how you can manage a real teammate. This is our team. You can decide is an admin or not, very simple. If I don't want him to be an admin anymore I just uncheck this box and he will not have access to the dashboard. You can see also how many lines people are associated to, on which countries they're working on, which services. You can also have the extensions. You can change them if you wish. For example, if I want to say Jonathan is extension 040, that can be changed instantly or I can put it back and say that 006 was fine. You can also delete users over here. That will delete it right away. That's how user works.

You can also see here your numbers over here. You can see the teammate associated to the number. This gives you a better view of how your teammates distributed over all your phone numbers. We can see which ones can be recorded or not. According to the legislation in your countries you have to be careful to be sure if you have to announce it at the beginning of a call, if you have to get approval or not, how long you can ... Basically if I wanted to tick it, untick it this phone number will not be recorded or I can put it back on.