Aircall Tutorials - Organizing IVR & Click-to-Call button


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Aircall Tutorials - Organizing IVR & Click-to-Call button

Video Transcript

Speakers in this video: Jimmy (GetApp) and Tania (Aircall)

Tania: IVRs does our menu. When a call comes in you can have, 'Press one if you would like to talk to sales; press two if you want to talk to support.' Then the calls are directed to those people. The way you organize it is that you add a phone number over here and you say, okay, if the user press one, he will be directed to another phone number. Let's say the New York office phone number but it can also be to an external phone number over here. I can type it. That's how you do it. Then you can create as many options as you want. Let's say, for you type two, I would like maybe the San Francisco office which is over here. Then you can go on. That's how it works.

After you've done this you have to personalize your music and messages. In case of the IVR system, you will have the IVR message over here that you can personalize. In case of the normal system -- that's what we call it, which is more call ... or automatic calling. You'll have the welcome message, the music on hold, the voice mail and the absence message.

The welcome message, it's the message that you'll first hear when you call one of your Aircall numbers which can be for example, 'Welcome to Aircall. We'll take your call in a few minutes.' or a few seconds. Then you can decide it to be it has to be heard or it's not required. It's up to you. If someone picks up before the message has ended, it doesn’t matter.

Here you can decide how you want to configure your message. You can write a text to be read automatically, like this. You can decide which language you want to use. You can decide which voice you prefer. Then, you can listen to it here and then save it or you can go and upload an MP3 file over here, if you have already recorded your message. You can record it directly from your computer. Here in the case of the music, you can choose one from our library.

Basically that's how you can configure your message, like this. The last thing, is the click to call, which is a button that you can insert on your website which enables people to call you directly by clicking on it. They can click on this button when they're on your website and they want to speak with you. Your app will ring and you'll be able to take a phone call. That's really very useful because it takes the hassle out of a lot of phone calls and you don't have to remember the phone number or -- you just do it instantly. Basically that's the configuration of your numbers over here.

Then on the right you also have the activity. We just created it so we don't have a long list. Basically every phone call will be over here. You will see if it's a voice mail, if it's a missed call, if it was taken, by who it was taken in your team. You can listen to it over here. You can also, of course, download the call list which is an excel file which give you all that information in the excel. If you want to do more reporting or configure it the way you wish. You have also filters over here ... missed calls and voice mails. That's basically how the phone numbers work.