Aircall Tutorials - Pricing options


Phone system for support and sales teams

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Aircall Tutorials - Pricing options

Video Transcript

Speakers in this video: Jimmy (GetApp) and Tania (Aircall)

Tania: Basically we have three plans which is the Starter, the Premium and the Enterprise plan. The Starter is really when you’re beginning. You’re a small startup. You have two, three people. You want to have a phone line on your website. It’s more professional. People can call you. You can give information that’s what we would recommend.

You will have the basic features. You will have collaborative features. You’ll be able to take unlimited inbound calls. That’s something that’s available on all our plan and it’s very impressive because no one else is doing it. It’s unlimited. You can take as many as you want. You can have a limit on outbound calls and if you scroll down a bit further you will see you can have all the personalization features, so your music and messages. You can get instant numbers anywhere you want. You can call from any number. You will have to have a cascading system, the shared inbox, assignment, extensions and so on. But this is really more for small companies getting started.

The Premium is our most popular plan. It’s where you have most of the features and you can really start building the system that you really want to use. So over here also unlimited inbound calls you will have the IVR which is the menu we talked about. You can have the ‘Click to Call’ which is the button you can see over here so when you call this this will directly call us and you’ll get a super cool person that will answer all your questions. Then you can also have the Queuing. We didn’t go into this but the queuing basically is that if everybody’s on call then the person will be put on hold until someone becomes available so that’s possible with Premium but not with Starter yet. Of course with Premium you have to call recordings the overview of an analytics the first page that we saw and then all the features over here of the integrations. So this is really a huge advantage compared to the starter plan because you have to the Zendesk,, Pipe drive, Hub spot, Help scout, Slack integration access to the API if you want to attach to other business stuff for yourself and the Web hooks also.

And we’ll have a phone support dedicated for you but basically we really want to be available all over our clients. The Enterprise is when you know more what you want and you’re handling a lot of users and have a more complicated system so you really need deep analytics. You want to have someone dedicated to your account who can help you. We do a lot of consulting recording to this system that you want to set into place to find a way as efficient as possible that will really help the business and add value to what they’re doing. It also has the sales force integration that more established companies are using and we also have training stations. For example if you have a team of 50 people that you want to have on this service and you want to have someone explain very quickly how things are working and how fast they can be operational, that’s something we also offer for Enterprise.

All the plans are per user. So for example, this is particular per user so whether you’re two or 10 that’s the same. And we offer you your first number. Then afterwards you can add numbers and it will be an additional six dollars. But this way with this pricing it’s very customizable so you can have 20 phone numbers and two people or 20 people and two phone numbers according to the system you want to set into motion and the pricing will reflect that structure.