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Aircall Tutorials - What is Aircall

Video Transcript

Speakers in this video: Jimmy (GetApp) and Tania (Aircall)

Jimmy: Hey and welcome to another series of GetApp tutorials. Today I’m joined by Tania Kef who is the business development manager over at Air call. Tania how are you?

Tania: I’m good. How are you?

Jimmy: I’m doing great. Let’s see. Where do we start? I guess one of the first questions I have is: What does Air call do? What are some of the things that people are doing right now with Air call?

Tania: Air call basically enables you to create your phone system in a few minutes. There are a lot of different things you can do with Air call. You can get phone numbers anywhere in the world. You can share them with your teams. You can have fully integrated system with your CRM and other business software that you’re using and basically it’s up to you. You have your app on your computer that enables you to make or take phone calls. You can work collaboratively with your team. You can see what everybody’s doing. You can leave each other notes. You can transfer calls. You can also forward phone calls to your mobile phone so when you’re on the go or you don’t have your computer right in front of you you can still pick up phone calls. We have mobile apps also which enables you to make phone calls as well with all your phone numbers.

Basically it’s really a different way to think about how to handle all your phone calls. You can have many different phone calls assigned to one person or one person or your whole team assigned to only one phone number and you can decide how you want to handle these phone calls. So it’s very diverse. You can create menus. You can have call recording. You can have analytics on all your data. So basically it’s a whole new system and you don’t have all the hassle of having in hardware or to think about what you’re going to do if you move. Basically everything is on your computer or your mobile phone.

Jimmy: Okay this sounds amazing. What are some of the companies that are using Air call? What types of markets are they in? What type of business do they run? Maybe if you could also give me a little bit of background on these companies; how big they are, how small they are. What do these companies look like?

Tania: Well we have very diverse companies working with us right now. We have ... for example who’s working with us in many different countries in Europe also in Asia. Basically for them they want to handle phone calls as effectively as possible. When they’re making deliveries they want to contact their drivers. They want to contact their customers at the restaurants so they really have a huge flow of calls coming in every day. It’s important for them to be as efficient as possible. And they have dedicated lines according to the people they want to join so that’s one example.

You also have people that are more like call centers that are taking huge flow of calls as well. It doesn’t matter who they’re calling. They just want to have someone on the phone that can answer their question so that’s one aspect.

We also have Uber in Mexico which is more a support line - primary business but it’s very important for them to be and that’s something we enable them to do. But we also have companies that want to be reachable by their customers. It doesn’t really matter the size. It could be 10 people to 15 people to 50, a hundred. It’s really up to them. They can have their personal extension. They can manage their calls and they can also share all that information with their teammates. So that’s really a value with other systems that everything is durable and that you can access the information. Even a month after the colleague can see what happened, the notes you made on the call and of course access to call recordings are shared with your teammates.

Jimmy: This is something that a company with a workforce inside an office can use. But can they also use it if they have their – I imagine yes because with delivery has to be like that. Their workforce is out in the fields. Can people out in the field also use this product?

Tania: Absolutely. I mean we can forward calls to your mobile phone so you can pick up from there anywhere you are in the world and it’s not also the field but even if you’re abroad. If you’re travelling for example you can still use the phone numbers in the country that you want. For example, I could use an American phone number in France and call the US and it would be a local call. It would not matter at all so this is a huge plus that we’re offering.

Also with all of our apps – we have an iOS app right now that enables you to choose whatever phone number you want to make a phone call to any country you want and the Android app is on the way so in February basically anyone with a smart phone would be able to use multiple –phone numbers to call any country in the world.

Jimmy: So Air call has to be saving companies on a bunch of different levels. On one hand you don’t have the hardware so you’re saving money there and on another hand you can have access to a whole bunch of different numbers and you don’t have to make these long distance calls.

Tania: Exactly. It’s really about thinking differently about your telephony. For example you’re not associated to one phone number. You can have multiple phone numbers from any country you want and you can have multiple people sharing the same line. So you can have dozens of conference calls happening at the same time and it really doesn’t matter. What matters is that you are associated to the number and that you can use it whenever you wish. So that’s a huge difference in the way we were thinking before about one people, one phone number one line. Our lines are not busy. It doesn’t happen unless someone is unavailable.

This is the application over here. That’s what we call our Air call app. The way it works is that you have your app and then you have your dashboards and that’s what we’ll see afterwards. In the dashboard it enables you to manage your whole account with all your users and all your different phone numbers. But the app is where you can take phone calls, make phone calls, access your contacts, access your personal settings for instance and basically handle your calls collaboratively with your team.